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Technologies for production of bio-diesel focusing on green catalytic techniques: A review
Z Helwani, MR Othman, N Aziz, WJN Fernando, J Kim
Fuel Processing Technology 90 (12), 1502-1514, 2009
Solid heterogeneous catalysts for transesterification of triglycerides with methanol: A review
Z Helwani, MR Othman, N Aziz, J Kim, WJN Fernando
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Nanophase hydroxyapatite as a biomaterial in advanced hard tissue engineering: A review
SM Zakaria, SH Sharif Zein, MR Othman, F Yang, JA Jansen
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Synthetic hydrotalcites from different routes and their application as catalysts and gas adsorbents: A review
MR Othman, Z Helwani, Martunus, WJN Fernando
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Carbon dioxide removal through physical adsorption using carbonaceous and non-carbonaceous adsorbents: a review
AA Abd, SZ Naji, AS Hashim, MR Othman
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (5), 104142, 2020
Zeolitic imidazolate framework membranes for gas separation: A review of synthesis methods and gas separation performance
VMA Melgar, J Kim, MR Othman
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 28, 1-15, 2015
Mg–Al hydrotalcite coating on zeolites for improved carbon dioxide adsorption
MR Othman, NM Rasid, WJN Fernando
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Present technologies for hydrogen sulfide removal from gaseous mixtures
AD Wiheeb, IK Shamsudin, MA Ahmad, MN Murat, J Kim, MR Othman
Reviews in Chemical Engineering 29 (6), 449-470, 2013
A review on application of activated carbons for carbon dioxide capture: present performance, preparation, and surface modification for further improvement
AA Abd, MR Othman, J Kim
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28 (32), 43329-43364, 2021
The effects of sonification and TiO2 deposition on the micro-characteristics of the thermally treated SiO2/TiO2 spherical core–shell particles for photo-catalysis of methyl orange
JW Lee, MR Othman, Y Eom, TG Lee, WS Kim, J Kim
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Pressure swing adsorption technologies for carbon dioxide capture
AD Wiheeb, Z Helwani, J Kim, MR Othman
Separation & Purification Reviews 45 (2), 108-121, 2016
Conversion of Jatropha curcas oil into biodiesel using re-crystallized hydrotalcite
Z Helwani, N Aziz, MZA Bakar, H Mukhtar, J Kim, MR Othman
Energy Conversion and Management 73, 128-134, 2013
Polysulfone/poly (ether sulfone) blended membranes for CO2 separation
H Abdul Mannan, H Mukhtar, M Shima Shaharun, MR Othman, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 133 (5), 2016
Strategic planning on carbon capture from coal fired plants in Malaysia and Indonesia: A review
MR Othman, R Zakaria, WJN Fernando
Energy Policy 37 (5), 1718-1735, 2009
Improved carbon dioxide capture using metal reinforced hydrotalcite under wet conditions
Z Helwani, AD Wiheeb, J Kim, MR Othman
International journal of greenhouse gas control 7, 127-136, 2012
Separability of carbon dioxide from methane using MFI zeolite–silica film deposited on gamma-alumina support
MR Othman, SC Tan, S Bhatia
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 121 (1-3), 138-144, 2009
Modeling of batch electrodialysis for hydrochloric acid recovery
FS Rohman, MR Othman, N Aziz
Chemical Engineering Journal 162 (2), 466-479, 2010
Methane enrichment in biogas mixture using pressure swing adsorption: process fundamental and design parameters
AA Abd, MR Othman, SZ Naji, AS Hashim
Materials Today Sustainability 11, 100063, 2021
Effects of thermal treatment on the micro-structures of co-precipitated and sol–gel synthesized (Mg–Al) hydrotalcites
MR Othman, NM Rasid, WJN Fernando
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Evaluation of hydrogen concentration effect on the natural gas properties and flow performance
AA Abd, SZ Naji, TC Thian, MR Othman
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46 (1), 974-983, 2021
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