Reza Alayi
Reza Alayi
Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University of Germi branch
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Energy, exergy and economics analysis of an ORC working with several fluids and utilizes smelting furnace gases as heat source
M Mirzaei, MH Ahmadi, M Mobin, MA Nazari, R Alayi
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R Alayi, A Kasaeian, F Atabi
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Optical modeling and optimization of parabolic trough concentration photovoltaic/thermal system
R Alayi, A Kasaeian, F Atabi
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Optimization and evaluation of a wind, solar and fuel cell hybrid system in supplying electricity to a remote district in national grid
R Alayi, A Kasaeian, A Najafi, E Jamali
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Energy, environment and economic analyses of a parabolic trough concentrating photovoltaic/thermal system
R Alayi, R Kumar, SR Seydnouri, MH Ahmadi, A Issakhov
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Technical and environmental analysis of photovoltaic and solar water heater cogeneration system: a case study of Saveh City
R Alayi, MH Ahmadi, AR Visei, S Sharma, A Najafi
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The role of biogas to sustainable development (aspects environmental, security and economic)
R Alayi, A Shamel, A Kasaeian, H Harasii, MA Topchlar
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Designing a PID controller to control a fuel cell voltage using the imperialist competitive algorithm
A Shamel, M Marefati, R Alayi, B Gholaminia, H Rohl
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Simulation and economic optimization of wind turbines and photovoltaic hybrid system with storage battery and hydrogen tank (case study the city of Yazd)
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A sustainable energy distribution configuration for microgrids integrated to the national grid using back-to-back converters in a renewable power system
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Electronics 10 (15), 1826, 2021
Generation management analysis of a stand-alone photovoltaic system with battery
R Alayi, F Jahanbin
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Techno-economic analysis of electrical energy generation from urban waste in Hamadan, Iran
R Alayi, H Rouhi
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Analysis of environmental impacts on the characteristics of gas released from biomass
R Alayi, E Sobhani, A Najafi
Anthropogenic Pollution 4 (1), 1-14, 2020
Energy/economic analysis and optimization of on-grid photovoltaic system using CPSO algorithm
R Alayi, M Mohkam, SR Seyednouri, MH Ahmadi, M Sharifpur
Sustainability 13 (22), 12420, 2021
Simulation and economical optimization hybrid system PV and grid in Ardabil city
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Journal of Current Research in Science 3 (5), 83, 2015
Feasibility Study of Grid-Connected PV System for Peak Demand Reduction of a Residential Building in Tehran, Iran
MSGM Reza Alayi, Mohammed Reyasudin Basir Kha2
Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems 7 (4), 563-567, 2020
Optimal load frequency control of island microgrids via a PID controller in the presence of wind turbine and PV
R Alayi, F Zishan, SR Seyednouri, R Kumar, MH Ahmadi, M Sharifpur
Sustainability 13 (19), 10728, 2021
Modeling and optimization of photovoltaic cells with GA algorithm
R Alayi, H Harasii, H Pourderogar
Journal of Robotics and Control (JRC) 2 (1), 35-41, 2021
Wind energy resource assessment in south western of Algeria
A Abderrahim, N Ghellai, Z Bouzid, Y Menni, JM Alhumoud, AJ Chamkha, ...
Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems 6 (2), 157-162, 2019
Energy analysis of vacuum tube collector system to supply the required heat gas pressure reduction station
R Alayi, M Jahangiri, A Najafi
International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies 16 (4), 1391-1396, 2021
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