Waluyo Adi Siswanto
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An Alternate Method to Springback Compensation for Sheet Metal Forming
WA Siswanto, AD Anggono, B Omar, K Jusoff
The Scientific Word Journal 2014 (Article ID 301271), 13 pages, 2014
Algorithm Development and Application of Spring Back Compensation for Sheet Metal Forming
AD Anggono, WA Siswanto, B Omar
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology 4 (14 …, 2012
Performance of Triangular and Square Ionic Lifter Systems
WA Siswanto, K Ngui
Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 5 (9), 1433-1438, 2011
Prediction of plastic deformation under contact condition by quasi-static and dynamic simulations using explicit finite element analysis
WA Siswanto, M Nagentrau, AL Mohd Tobi, MN Tamin
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 30, 5093-5101, 2016
Strength analysis of human skull on high speed impact
WA Siswanto, CS Hua
International Review of Mechanical Engineering (I.RE.M.E.) 6 (7), 1508-1514, 2012
A competition between stress triaxiality and joule heating on microstructure evolution and degradation of SnAgCu solder joints
WA Siswanto, M Arun, IV Krasnopevtseva, A Surendar, A Maseleno
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 54, 221-227, 2020
Effect of amorphous silica by rice husk ash on physical properties and microstructures of recycled aluminium chip AA7075
NF Mohd Joharudin, N Abdul Latif, MS Mustapa, MN Mansor, ...
Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 50 (3), 283-288, 2019
Preliminary design on screw press model of palm oil extraction machine
M Firdaus, SM Salleh, I Nawi, Z Ngali, WA Siswanto, EM Yusup
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 165 (1), 012029, 2017
Simulation of ironing process for earring reduction in sheet metal forming
AD Anggono, WA Siswanto
Applied Mechanics and Materials 465, 91-95, 2014
Comparison of Commercially Pure Titanium Surface Hardness Improvement by Plasma Nitrocarburizing and Ion Implantation
AS Darmawan, WA Siswanto, T Sujitno
Advanced Materials Research 789, 347-351, 2013
Sound characteristics and sound prediction of the traditional musical instrument the three-rattle angklung
WA Siswanto, L Tam, MZ Kasron
International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, Inst Acoustics & Vibration …, 2012
Teaching Finite Element Method of Structural Line Elements Assisted by Open Source FreeMat
WA Siswanto, AS Darmawan
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology 4 (10 …, 2012
Analysis of mechanical and thermal stresses due to TiN coating of Fe substrate by physical vapor deposition
TWB Riyadi, D Setiadhi, AD Anggono, WA Siswanto, HH Al-Kayiem
Forces in Mechanics 4, 100042, 2021
Characteristics of Temperature changes and Stress of Float Glass under Heat Radiation
E Julianto, WA Siswanto, M Effendy
International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research 7 (9), 228-233, 2019
The Influence of Plasma Nitrocarburizing Process Temperature to Commercially Pure Titanium Surface Hardness
AS Darmawan, WA Siswanto, T Sujitno
Applied Mechanics and Materials 315, 700-704, 2013
Die surface design optimization accommodating springback assisted by an automatic surface generator
WA Siswanto, B Omar
International Journal of Material Forming 2 (Suppl 1), 797, 2009
High-G drop effect on the creep-fatigue failure of SAC solder joints in BGA packages
A Surendar, WA Siswanto, M Alijani, K Alhaifi, M Salmani
Microsystem Technologies, 1-8, 2019
Predicting the sliding amplitude of plastic deformation in the reciprocating sliding contact
M Nagentrau, WA Siswanto, M Tobi, A Latif
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 11 (4), 2266-2271, 2016
Prediction of residual stress using explicit finite element method
WA Siswanto, M Nagentrau, ALM Tobi
Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences 9, 1556-1570, 2015
Dynamic explicit finite element code for U-bending simulation and springback prediction
AD Anggono, TWB Riyadi, WA Siswanto
Applied Mechanics and Materials 660, 337-341, 2014
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