J Jamari
J Jamari
Mechanical Engineering, Diponegoro University
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An elastic–plastic contact model of ellipsoid bodies
J Jamari, DJ Schipper
Tribology letters 21 (3), 262-271, 2006
Experimental investigation of fully plastic contact of a sphere against a hard flat
J Jamari, DJ Schipper
A study of surface texturing and boundary slip on improving the load support of lubricated parallel sliding contacts
M Tauviqirrahman, R Ismail, J Jamari, DJ Schipper
Acta mechanica 224 (2), 365-381, 2013
Combined effect of texturing and boundary slippage in lubricated sliding contacts
M Tauviqirrahman, R Ismail, J Jamari, DJ Schipper
Tribology international 66, 274-281, 2013
Deformation due to contact between a rough surface and a smooth ball
J Jamari, DJ Schipper
Wear 262 (1-2), 138-145, 2007
Running-in of rolling contacts
J Jamari
Numerical study of the load-carrying capacity of lubricated parallel sliding textured surfaces including wall slip
DJ Tauviqirrahman, M., Muchammad, Jamari, J., Schipper
Tribology Transactions 57 (1), 134-145, 2013
Finite element analysis of artificial hip joint movement during human activities
E Saputra, IB Anwar, J Jamari, E van der Heide
Procedia engineering 68, 102-108, 2013
Plastic deterministic contact of rough surfaces
J Jamari, MB de Rooij, DJ Schipper
An analytical approach on the tribological behaviour of pocketed slider bearings with boundary slip including cavitation
M Muchammad, M Tauviqirrahman, J Jamari, DJ Schipper
Lubrication science 29 (3), 133-152, 2017
Plastic deformation and contact area of an elastic–plastic contact of ellipsoid bodies after unloading
J Jamari, DJ Schipper
Tribology International 40 (8), 1311-1318, 2007
Deterministic repeated contact of rough surfaces
J Jamari, DJ Schipper
Wear 264 (3-4), 349-358, 2008
Kinetics and morphology analysis of struvite precipitated from aqueous solution under the influence of heavy metals: Cu2+, Pb2+, Zn2+
DS Perwitasari, S Muryanto, J Jamari, AP Bayuseno
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 6 (1), 37-43, 2018
The effect of repeated impingement on UHMWPE material in artificial hip joint during salat activities
J Jamari, R Ismail, E Saputra, S Sugiyanto, IB Anwar
Advanced Materials Research 896, 272-275, 2014
A 3-dimensional finite element analysis of the insole shoe orthotic for foot deformities
PW Anggoro, E SAPUTRA, M Tauviqirrahman, J Jamari, AP Bayuseno
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 12 (15), 5254-5260, 2017
Numerical simulation of artificical hip joint movement for western and Japanese-style activities
E Saputra, IB Anwar, R Ismail, J Jamari, E van der Heide
Jurnal Teknologi 66 (3), 2014
Optimization of the complex slip surface and its effect on the hydrodynamic performance of two-dimensional lubricated contacts
DJ Tauviqirrahman, M., Ismail, R., Jamari, J., Schipper
Computers and Fluids 79, 27-43, 2013
Computer-aided reverse engineering system in the design and production of orthotic insole shoes for patients with diabetes
PW Anggoro, M Tauviqirrahman, J Jamari, AP Bayuseno, B Bawono, ...
Cogent Engineering 5 (1), 1470916, 2018
A Study of slip position on improving the hydrodynamic lubrication performance of single-textured bearing using a mass conserving numerical approach
M Tauviqirrahman, WK Ajie, E YOHANA, M Muchammad, J Jamari
International Journal of Engineering and Technology 8 (2), 913-920, 2016
Phosphate recovery through struvite-family crystals precipitated in the presence of citric acid: mineralogical phase and morphology evaluation
DS Perwitasari, L Edahwati, S Sutiyono, S Muryanto, J Jamari, ...
Environmental technology 38 (22), 2844-2855, 2017
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