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Kewenangan Negara Pantai dalam Mengelola Wilayah Laut
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The Adequacy of International Legal Obligations for Environmental Protection During Armed Conflict
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Indonesia's Practice in Combating Illegal Fishing: 2015-2016
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State Responsibility for Environmental Damage during International Armed Conflict post the UNCC
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Extraterritoriality of Data Protection: GDPR and Its Possible Enforcement in Indonesia
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Foreigners land rights Regulations: Indonesia’s Practice
A Afriansyah
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Environmental Protection and State Responsibility in International Humanitarian Law
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Paris Agreement: Respon Terhadap Pendekatan Prinsip Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities Dalam Kyoto Protocol
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Indonesian Legal Challenges Regarding Electronic Contracts in International Trade
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(Un) Blurred Concept of Sovereign Rights at Sea: Implementation Context
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A Afriansyah
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Kebijakan Kelautan Indonesia dan Diplomasi Maritim
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Indonesia and the Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration
A Afriansyah
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Fighting the Giants: Efforts in Holding Corporation Responsible for Environmental Damages in Indonesia
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Sport Diplomacy and State Sovereignty: Case Study on Indonesia’s Effort to Guard the Sovereignty of Papua
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The Struggle of Becoming the 11th Member State of ASEAN: Timor Leste's Case
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