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Training, knowledge sharing, and quality of work-life on civil servants performance in Indonesia
H Tamsah, Ansar, Gunawan, Y Yusriadi, U Farida
Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies 7 (3), 163-176, 2020
Repurchase intention of e-commerce customers in Indonesia: An overview of the effect of e-service quality, e-word of mouth, customer trust, and customer satisfaction mediation
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International Journal of Data and Network Science 7 (1), 329-340, 2023
Innovation And Empowerment Of Fishermen Communities In Maros Regency
S Ahdan, AHB Kaharuddin, UF Yusriadi Yusriadi
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Cultural reconstruction and organization environment for employee performance
T Zacharias, MA Rahawarin, Y Yusriadi
Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies 8 (2), 296-315, 2021
Create teaching creativity through training management, effectiveness training, and teacher quality in the covid-19 pandemic
H Tamsah, JB Ilyas, Y Yusriadi
Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies 8 (4), 18-35, 2021
The effectiveness of public services through E-government in Makassar City
D Mustafa, U Farida, Y Yusriadi
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research 9 (1), 1176-1178, 2020
Human Resources Competency, The Use of Information Technology and Internal Accounting Control on Time Procurement of Financial Reporting
NN Sawitri, D Ermayanti, U Farida, D Junus, E Rachman, R Vikaliana
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1175 (1), 012263, 2019
The influence of digital marketing and customer perceived value through customer satisfaction on customer loyalty
GB Ilyas, AR Munir, H Tamsah, H Mustafa, Y Yusriadi
Pt. 2 J. Legal Ethical & Regul. Isses 24, 1, 2021
Leadership Role In Improving Responsibility Of Employee's Work In Scope Of General Bureau Of Government Of Bulukumba Regency
A Umar, UF Hasbi, Y Yusriadi
International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 8 (10), 2019-2021, 2019
Bureaucratic reform to the human resouces: a case study on the one-stop integrated service
A Sahid, I Amirullah, A Azis, AA Rahman
The Journal of Social Sciences Research 4 (1), 61-66, 2019
The role of the government in supporting the duties of local governments in Makassar City
A Sahid, I Amirullah, AA Rahman, A Senaman, Y Yusriadi
International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 9 (3), 3774-3777, 2020
Does fear of missing out give satisfaction in purchasing based on social media content?
G Ilyas, S Rahmia, H Tamsah, Y Yusriadi
International Journal of Data and Network Science 6 (2), 409-418, 2022
Quality of agricultural extension on productivity of farmers: Human capital perspective
H Tamsah, Y Yusriadi
Uncertain Supply Chain Management 10 (2), 625-636, 2022
The Effect of Training and Education and Teacher Certification Allowances on Teachers.
M Mislia, A Alim, E Usuf, H Tamsah, Y Yusriadi
Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences 16 (4), 1368-1383, 2021
One-stop service policy as a bureaucratic reform in indonesia
A Umar, M Madani, U Farida, Y Yusriadi, H Tamsa, M Yahya, S Alam, ...
Academy of Strategic Management Journal 18 (2), 1-12, 2019
Success in management of student businesses with personal characteristics, government assistance and entrepreneurship curriculum
M Gani, M Arsyad, S Syariati, A Hadi, Y Yusriadi
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering 8 (3), 7292-7295, 2019
Transformation of the Education Sector during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia
A Cahaya, Y Yusriadi, A Gheisari
Education Research International 2022, 1-8, 2022
Bureaucratic Reform in Public Service: A Case Study on the One Stop-Integrated Service
Yusriadi, H Akib, A Ihsan
Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 8 (2), 253, 2017
The implementation of religious moderation values in islamic education and character subject at state senior high school 9 Manado
M Idris, SZ bin Tahir, N Yusuf, E Willya, S Mokodenseho, Y Yusriadi
Academy of Strategic Management Journal 20, 1-16, 2021
Uncontrolled consumption and life quality of low-income families: A study of three major tribes in south Sulawesi
H Tamsah, G Ilyas, Y Nur, Y Yusriadi, A Asrifan
Management Science Letters 11 (4), 1171-1174, 2021
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