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Political connection, blockholder ownership and performance
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Agency cost pada perusahaan keluarga dan non keluarga
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Capital asset pricing model in market overreaction conditions: evidence from Indonesia Stock Exchange
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Employee Turnover Intentions in Hotel: How to Reduce it?
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Time Varying Beta (Dual Beta): Conditional Market Timing CAPM
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Business Analysis in Conversion of Regional Development Bank into Sharia Banking: Case Study in NTB Province, Indonesia
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Political connections of conglomerates: evidence form Indonesia Stock Exchange
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The Effect Of Organizational Environment On Knowledge Management And Organizational Culture And The Implications On Organizational Survival (A Survey Based On Leaders …
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Liquidity Adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model Using Amortized Liquidation Cost as Liquidity Measure
E Garnia, R Sudarsono, D Masyita, I Primiana
proceeding of 18 th Malaysian Finance Association Annual Conference, http …, 2016
Models of measuring the performance of mutual fund using treynor-mazuy condition approach: The cases of stock mutual funds in Indonesia
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The impact of management information system success on physical asset management performance: A Case study in Bandung City, Indonesia
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Trading Activity as a Liquidity Measure In Indonesia Stock Exchanges
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Political Connections, Financing and Dividend Policy
L Putri, SR Nidar, R Sudarsono, J Ginting
Social and Humanities Research Symposium (SORES 2020), 113-116, 2021
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