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Political connection, blockholder ownership and performance
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Agency Cost Pada Perusahaan Keluarga Dan Non Keluarga
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Employee Turnover Intentions in Hotel: How to Reduce it?
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The Effect Of Organizational Environment On Knowledge Management And Organizational Culture And The Implications On Organizational Survival (A Survey Based On Leaders …
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Liquidity Adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model Using Amortized Liquidation Cost as Liquidity Measure
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Political Connections, Financing and Dividend Policy
L Putri, SR Nidar, R Sudarsono, J Ginting
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Dividend Payout Model on SOE (Go Public) in Indonesia
L Putri, SR Nidar, J Ginting, R Sudarsono
2nd Social and Humaniora Research Symposium (SoRes 2019), 473-475, 2020
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