Ibrahim Djamaluddin
Ibrahim Djamaluddin
Asistant Professor, Hasanuddin University
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Shallow landslide hazard assessment using a three-dimensional deterministic model in a mountainous area
N Jia, Y Mitani, M Xie, I Djamaluddin
Computers and Geotechnics 45, 1-10, 2012
History of forest loss and degradation in Indonesia
R Tsujino, T Yumoto, S Kitamura, I Djamaluddin, D Darnaedi
Land use policy 57, 335-347, 2016
Evaluation of ground movement and damage to structures from Chinese coal mining using a new GIS coupling model
I Djamaluddin, Y Mitani, T Esaki
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 48 (3), 380-393, 2011
An analytical model considering interaction behavior of grouted rock bolts for convergence–confinement method in tunneling design
Y Cai, Y Jiang, I Djamaluddin, T Iura, T Esaki
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 76, 112-126, 2015
GIS-based computational method for simulating the components of 3D dynamic ground subsidence during the process of undermining
I Djamaluddin, Y Mitani, H Ikemi
International Journal of Geomechanics 12 (1), 43-53, 2010
A GIS-based prediction method to evaluate subsidence-induced damage from coal mining beneath a reservoir, Kyushu, Japan
T Esaki, I Djamaluddin, Y Mitani
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 41 (3), 381-392, 2008
GIS modeling of CO2 emission sources and storage possibilities
A Yousefi-Sahzabi, K Sasaki, I Djamaluddin, H Yousefi, Y Sugai
Energy Procedia 4, 2831-2838, 2011
Development of GIS-based analytical method for predicting mining subsidence
I Djamaluddin, T Esaki, Y Mitani, H Ikemi
2005 ESRI International User Conference Proceedings, 2005
Synthesis subsidence prediction method due to underground mining integrated with GIS
T Esaki, I Djamaluddin, Y Mitani, G Zhou
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International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences
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H Pachri, Y Mitani, H Ikemi, I Djamaluddin, A Morita
Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 6, 169-176, 2013
Development of GIS—based dynamic subsidence prediction and assessment system due to underground mining
T Esaki, I Djamaluddin
Institute of Environmental System, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, 2005
Computational implementation of a GIS developed tool for prediction of dynamic ground movement and deformation due to underground extraction sequence
Y Cai, Y Jiang, B Liu, I Djamaluddin
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A GIS-based spatial data processing system for slope monitoring
N Jia, M Xie, Y Mitani, H Ikemi, I Djamaluddin
Int Geoinf Res Dev J 1 (4), 2010
Development of gis-based evaluation support system for environmental protection against coal mining subsidence
資源と素材 122 (10/11), 513-521, 2006
Development of GIS-based rigorous subsidence prediction system for protecting surface environment
T Esaki, G Zhou, I Djamaluddin
Environmental Rock Engineering: Proceedings of the First Kyoto International …, 2003
A GIS Based Evaluation of Land Use Changes and Ecological Connectivity Index
P Indrayani, Y Mitani, I Djamaluddin, H Ikemi
Journal of Geomatics and Planning 4 (1), 9-18, 2017
An Integrated Methodology for Assessment of Landslide Hazard around Residence Zones in Itoshima Area of Japan
JB Chand, Y Mitani, I Djamaluddin, H Ikemi
Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University 71 (2), 31-45, 2011
江﨑哲郎, 牧野隆吾, 池見洋明
応用地質 50 (6), 319-328, 2010
Development of GIS-based spatial and dynamic subsidence prediction system above complex underground mining
T Esaki, I Djamaluddin, Y Mitani
Proceeding 31st Int. Conf. Safety in Mines Research Institute. Brisbane …, 2005
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