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Robbi Rahim
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Suginam, and R. Rahim,“Implementation of Elimination and Choice Expressing Reality (ELECTRE) Method in Selecting the Best Lecturer (Case Study STMIK BUDI DARMA),”
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Dynamic Key Matrix of Hill Cipher Using Genetic Algorithm
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Multi-Attribute Decision Making with VIKOR Method for Any Purpose Decision
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An Android mobile RC4 simulation for education
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Man-in-the-middle-attack prevention using interlock protocol method
R Rahim
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Expert systems with genetics probability
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Decision Support System Best Employee Assessments with Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution
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A Novelty Design of Minimization of Electrical Losses in A Vector Controlled Induction Machine Drive
S Aryza, M Irwanto, Z Lubis, APU Siahaan, R Rahim, M Furqan
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Multimedia educational game approach for psychological conditional
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Modeling data containing outliers using ARIMA additive outlier (ARIMA-AO)
AS Ahmar, S Guritno, A Rahman, I Minggi, MA Tiro, MK Aidid, S Annas, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.00257, 2018
Study of Three Pass Protocol on Data Security
R Rahim, A Ikhwan
Int. J. Sci. Res 5 (11), 102-104, 2016
Lecturers’ understanding on indexing databases of SINTA, DOAJ, Google Scholar, SCOPUS, and Web of Science: A study of Indonesians
AS Ahmar, N Kurniasih, DE Irawan, DU Sutiksno, D Napitupulu, ...
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Combination of the Blowfish and Lempel-Ziv-Welch algorithms for text compression
R Rahim
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Arnold’s cat map algorithm in digital image encryption
E Hariyanto, R Rahim
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Cryptography Technique with Modular Multiplication Block Cipher and Playfair Cipher
R Rahim, A Ikhwan
International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology …, 2016
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