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The antiviral effect of indonesian medicinal plant extracts against dengue virus in vitro and in silico
R Rosmalena, B Elya, BE Dewi, F Fithriyah, H Desti, M Angelina, ...
Pathogens 8 (2), 85, 2019
Immunogenicity of a candidate DNA vaccine based on the prM/E genes of a dengue type 2 virus cosmopolitan genotype strain
DH Putri, TM Sudiro, R Yunita, UA Jaya, BE Dewi, F Sjatha, E Konishi, ...
Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases 68 (5), 357-363, 2015
Evaluation of chimeric DNA vaccines consisting of premembrane and envelope genes of Japanese encephalitis and dengue viruses as a strategy for reducing induction of dengue …
F Sjatha, M Kuwahara, TM Sudiro, M Kameoka, E Konishi
Microbiology and immunology 58 (2), 126-134, 2014
Phylogenetic analysis of dengue virus types 1 and 3 isolated in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1988
F Sjatha, Y Takizawa, A Yamanaka, E Konishi
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 12 (8), 1938-1943, 2012
Production of dengue virus-like particles serotype-3 in silkworm larvae and their ability to elicit a humoral immune response in mice
DIS Utomo, S Pambudi, F Sjatha, T Kato, EY Park
AMB Express 10 (1), 1-11, 2020
Comparison of infection-neutralizing and-enhancing antibody balance induced by two distinct genotype strains of dengue virus type 1 or 3 DNA vaccines in mice
F Sjatha, Y Takizawa, T Kotaki, A Yamanaka, E Konishi
Microbes and Infection 15 (12), 828-836, 2013
Effectivity of quercetin as antiviral to dengue virus-2 strain New Guinea C in Huh 7-it 1 cell line
BE Dewi, H Desti, E Ratningpoeti, M Sudiro, M Angelina
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 462 (1), 012033, 2020
Expression of recombinant non structural 1 protein of dengue virus serotype-2 in mammalian cell line
Microbiology Indonesia, 2019
Inhibition mechanism of Psidium guajava leaf to dengue virus replication in vitro
BE Dewi, I Taufiqqurrachman, H Desti, M Sudiro, M Angelina
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 462 (1), 012034, 2020
Circulation of Various Dengue Serotypes in Community Based Study in Jakarta, Indonesia
BE Dewi, L Nainggolan, TM Sudiro, S Chenderawasi, PL Goentoro, ...
Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases, JJID. 2019.431, 2020
Antiviral activity of Cynometra ramiflora Linn leaves extract against replication of Dengue virus serotype 2 on Huh 7.5 cell in vitro
AI Yusuf, BE Dewi, F Sjatha
Proceedings of the BROMO Conference—Symposium on Natural Product and …, 2018
In Vitro Antibacterial Activity Test of Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) Leaf Extract against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
I Ningsih, DA Rosalinda, A Kiranasari, BE Dewi, F Sjatha
BROMO Conference, Symposium on Natural Product and Biodiversity, 245-249, 2018
Antibacterial Activity of Several Indonesian Endemic Plants against Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
A Kiranasari, A Bonita, E Melina, K Winston, N Baht, N Sutandi, BE Dewi, ...
Proceedings of BROMO Conference [Internet]. SCITEPRESS-Science and …, 2018
Responses of Humoral and Cellular Immune Mediators in BALB/c Mice to LipX (PE11) as Seed Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidates
A Rukmana, LA Supardi, F Sjatha, M Nurfadilah
Genes 13 (11), 1954, 2022
Evaluation of Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate, pcDNA3. 1-rpfD using Mycobacterial Growth Inhibition Assay (MGIA)
M Nurfadilah, A Rukmana, F Sjatha
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences 29 (1), 1-8, 2022
Cloning of pe11 (LipX, Rv1169c) gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing strain to pcDNA3. 1 plasmid vector
LA Supardi, A Rukmana, F Sjatha
Makara Journal of Science 25 (1), 6, 2021
Dengue virus-like particles serotype-3 production in silkworm larvae and its capability eliciting a humoral immune response in mice model
DIS Umoto, S Pambudi, F Sjatha, T Kato, EY Park
Research Square, 2020
Development of a Tuberculosis Vaccine Seed: Construction of Resuscitation-Promoting Factor B DNA Vaccine and its Expression in Vitro and in Vivo
RD Saraswati, A Rukmana, F Fithriyah, A Rakhmawati
Makara Journal of Health Research 22 (1), 2, 2018
The Risk of Latent Tuberculosis Reactivation in COVID-19 Therapy
GM Abas, F Sjatha, Y Rosana
Jurnal Biomedika dan Kesehatan 6 (3), 363-372, 2023
The qPCR Assay for Detecting The Presence and Relative Abundance of Pseudomonas aerugionosa and Antibiotic Resistance Gene aadA2 in Hospital Wastewater of National Reference …
R Tiffarent, R Irawati, CR Tjampakasari, W MUZIASARI, A Karuniawati
Microbiology Indonesia 16 (2), 24-30, 2022
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