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Electrical and mechanical properties of carbon pellets from acid (HNO3)treated self-adhesive carbon grain from oil palm empty fruit bunch
M Deraman, R Omar, S Zakaria, IR Mustapa, M Talib, N Alias, R Jaafar
Journal of materials science 37 (16), 3329-3335, 2002
Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized from waste chicken fat
AB Suriani, AR Dalila, A Mohamed, MH Mamat, M Salina, MS Rosmi, ...
Materials Letters 101, 61-64, 2013
Variety of bio-hydrocarbon precursors for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes
MS Azmina, AB Suriani, M Salina, AA Azira, AR Dalila, NA Asli, J Rosly, ...
Nano Hybrids 2, 43-63, 2012
Temperature effects on the production of carbon nanotubes from palm oil by thermal chemical vapor deposition method
MS Azmina, AB Suriani, AN Falina, M Salina, M Rusop
Advanced Materials Research 364, 359-362, 2012
Preparation of palm oil based carbon nanotubes at various ferrocene concentration
MS Azmina, AB Suriani, AN Falina, M Salina, J Rosly, M Rusop
Advanced Materials Research 364, 408-411, 2012
Visualization of harmonic series in resonance tubes using a smartphone
R Jaafar, SK Ayop, AT Ismail@ Illias, KK Hon, ANM Daud, MH Hashim
The Physics Teacher 54 (9), 545-547, 2016
Physics demonstration of sound waves using Visual Analyser
S Kadri, R Jaafar, WZ Adli, A Nazihah
Lat. Am. J. Phys. Educ 7, 10-5, 2013
The effect of synthesis temperature on the growth of carbon nanotubes from waste chicken fat precursor
AR Dalila, AB Suriani, MS Rosmi, MS Azmina, R Rosazley, FL Supian, ...
Advanced Materials Research 832, 798-803, 2014
Carbon nanotubes: A brief outlook on history, synthesis methods and various bio-hydrocarbon sources
AR Dalila, AB Suriani, MS Rosmi, R Rosazley, J Rosli, M Rusop
Advanced Materials Research 832, 792-797, 2014
The Development of Fluxgate Magnetometer for Non–Destructive Measurement
SL Chew, RS Ahmad, R Jaafar
Jurnal Teknologi 34 (1), 9-16, 2001
Three-in-one resonance tube for harmonic series sound wave experiments
R Jaafar, ANM Daud, S Ali, SK Ayop
Physics Education 52 (4), 045008, 2017
Elastic constant determination of hardwoods using ultrasonic insertion technique
ANM Daud, R Jaafar, SK Ayop, MIH Yaacob, MS Rohani
Ultrasonics 75, 194-198, 2017
Computerized acoustical characterization system of medical phantoms
MD Nazihah, S Kadri, MIH Yaacob, J Rosly
AIP Conference Proceedings 1528 (1), 406-411, 2013
Effect of synthesis time on carbon nanotubes growth from palm oil as carbon source by thermal chemical vapor deposition method
AB Suriani, MS Azmina, M Salina, AR Dalila, AN Falina, J Rosly, M Rusop
2012 IEEE International Conference on Electronics Design, Systems and …, 2012
Acoustic characterisation of Konjac Glucomannan gel as a medical phantom
AN Mat Daud, MS Rohani, R Jaafar
Solid State Phenomena 268, 379-383, 2017
Quantitative comparison of the effect factors in electromagnetic induction using Audacity freeware
AT Ismail, R Jaafar, NS Nik Daud, SK Ayop
Proceeding of 3rd International Conference on Research, Implementation and …, 2016
Student Activity: Verification on Malus's Law of Polarization at Low Cost.
S Kadri, DCB Wei, R Jaafar
Education and Training in Optics and Photonics, EThD1, 2013
Spectral analysis of stepped test cell ultrasonic spectrometer
LW Hong, R Jaafar, K Hamzah, A Shaari
Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Signal Processing and …, 2001
Harmonic series experiments in three-in-one resonance tube with audacity software
R Jaafar, ANM Daud
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1185 (1), 012132, 2019
Visualizing the superposition principle of sound waves in both-closed-end resonance tube
R Jaafar, ANM Daud, MRM Yusof
Physics Education 54 (2), 025004, 2019
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