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Analisis faktor-faktor kunci dari niat pembelian kembali secara online (study kasus pada konsumen fesh shop)
T Ella, S Agus, K Untrung
Jurnal Bisnis dan Ekonomi 19 (2), 2012
The influence of food & beverage quality, service quality, place, and perceived price to customer satisfaction and repurchase intention
Journal of Research in Management 1 (1), 2018
Customer satisfaction as a mediation between micro banking image, customer relationship and customer loyalty
S Hayati, A Suroso, S Suliyanto, M Kaukab
Management Science Letters 10 (11), 2561-2570, 2020
A moderating role of halal brand awareness to purchase decision making
E Rachmawati, A Suroso
Journal of Islamic Marketing 13 (2), 542-563, 2020
Board Diversity, Risk and sustainability of Bank Performance: Evidence from India.
A Rafinda, A Rafinda, RS Witiastuti, A Suroso, I Trinugroho
Journal of Security & Sustainability Issues 7 (4), 2018
Optimizing SMEs’ business performance through human capital management
A Suroso, AI Anggraeni
University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association, 2017
Exploring the impact of workplace spirituality on nurse work engagement: an empirical study on Indonesian government hospitals
M Iqbal, WR Adawiyah, A Suroso, F Wihuda
International Journal of Ethics and Systems 36 (3), 351-369, 2020
Potential and problems of small medium enterprise (SMEs)-coconut-sugar: case study in Banyumas Regency, Central Java-Indonesia
AS Suliyanto, DP Jati
International Journal of Business and Management 8 (3), 18-26, 2013
Penerapan Konsep Fraud Diamond Theory Dalam Mendeteksi Perilaku Fraud
I Indriani, A Suroso, S Maghfiroh
Simposium Nasional Akuntansi XIX, Lampung, 1-43, 2016
Accelerating small firms’ production process improvement through international market knowledge and valuable, rare, inimitable, and organized resources and capabilities
ME Kaukab, WR Adawiyah, RP Setyanto, A Suroso
Business: Theory and Practice 21 (1), 322-328, 2020
Direct and indirect effect of entrepreneurial orientation, family involvement and gender on family business performance
E Rachmawati, A Suroso
Journal of Family Business Management 12 (2), 214-236, 2020
Program Loyalitas Pelanggan
A Curatman, A Suroso
Deepublish, 2020
Rotating and twisting charged black holes with cloud of strings and quintessence
MFAR Sakti, HL Prihadi, A Suroso, FP Zen
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1949 (1), 012016, 2021
Linking adaptive capability, product innovation and marketing performance: results from Indonesian SMEs
G Wiwoho, A Suroso, S Wulandari
Management Science Letters 10 (10), 2379-2384, 2020
How is the effect of job insecurity, work stress, and the work environment on turnover intention: A case study at the Company of Supplier Security System in Indonesia
A Arijanto, D Marlita, A Suroso, R Purnomo
4th International Conference on Management, Economics and Business (ICMEB …, 2020
Pengaruh Kepercayaan, Kegunaan, Kemudahan, Privacy Risk, Time Risk, dan Financial Risk terhadap Minat Penggunaan Mobile Banking Bank Muamalat
C Melasari, A Suroso, A Banani
Performance: Jurnal Personalia, Financial, Operasional, Marketing dan Sistem …, 2018
The effect of celebrity endorsement on brand image in determining purchase intention
ST Adiba, A Suroso, NC Afif
Journal of Accounting, Business and Management (JABM) 27 (2), 60-73, 2020
(3+ 1)-formulation for gravity with torsion and non-metricity: the stress–energy–momentum equation
S Ariwahjoedi, A Suroso, FP Zen
Classical and Quantum Gravity 38 (15), 155009, 2021
Model penerimaan teknologi mobile payment pada digital native dan digital immigrant di Indonesia
YH Apidana, A Suroso, RP Setyanto
Jurnal Ekonomi, Bisnis, dan Akuntansi 21 (4), 2020
Making local product attractive: The role of indigenous value in improving market performance
HA Setyawati, A Suroso, PH Adi, WR Adawiyah, I Helmy
Geo Journal of Tourism and Geosites 29 (2), 746-755, 2020
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