M. Deniz Yilmaz
M. Deniz Yilmaz
Associate Professor of Bioengineering, Konya Food and Agriculture University
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A panchromatic boradiazaindacene (BODIPY) sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells
S Erten-Ela, MD Yilmaz, B Icli, Y Dede, S Icli, EU Akkaya
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Z Ekmekci, MD Yilmaz, EU Akkaya
Organic Letters 10 (3), 461-464, 2008
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles: biomolecule-nanoparticle organizations targeting antimicrobial activity
A Roy, O Bulut, S Some, AK Mandal, MD Yilmaz
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Bis (2-pyridyl)-substituted boratriazaindacene as an NIR-emitting chemosensor for Hg (II)
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Light harvesting and efficient energy transfer in a boron-dipyrrin (BODIPY) functionalized perylenediimide derivative
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Janus particles with controllable patchiness and their chemical functionalization and supramolecular assembly
XY Ling, IY Phang, C Acikgoz, MD Yilmaz, MA Hempenius, GJ Vancso, ...
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Ratiometric fluorescent detection of an anthrax biomarker at molecular printboards
MD Yilmaz
Orthogonal Supramolecular Interaction Motifs for Functional Monolayer …, 2012
BODIPY–Thiophene Copolymers as p‐Channel Semiconductors for Organic Thin‐Film Transistors
H Usta, MD Yilmaz, AJ Avestro, D Boudinet, M Denti, W Zhao, JF Stoddart, ...
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IR Fernando, DP Ferris, M Frasconi, D Malin, E Strekalova, MD Yilmaz, ...
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Local doping of silicon using nanoimprint lithography and molecular monolayers
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Convergent synthesis and light harvesting properties of dendritic boradiazaindacene (BODIPY) appended perylenediimide dyes
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New Journal of Chemistry 34 (1), 151-155, 2010
Eriochrome Black T–Eu3+ Complex as a Ratiometric Colorimetric and Fluorescent Probe for the Detection of Dipicolinic Acid, a Biomarker of Bacterial Spores
MD Yilmaz, HA Oktem
Analytical chemistry 90 (6), 4221-4225, 2018
Sugar and pH dual-responsive mesoporous silica nanocontainers based on competitive binding mechanisms
MD Yilmaz, M Xue, MW Ambrogio, O Buyukcakir, Y Wu, M Frasconi, ...
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Fluorescent detection of dipicolinic acid as a biomarker of bacterial spores using lanthanide-chelated gold nanoparticles
M Donmez, MD Yilmaz, B Kilbas
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Expression of Sensitized Eu3+ Luminescence at a Multivalent Interface
SH Hsu, MD Yilmaz, C Blum, V Subramaniam, DN Reinhoudt, AH Velders, ...
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Synthesis and electrochromic properties of conducting copolymers of dioxocino- and dithiocino-quinoxalines with bithiophene
S Beyazyildirim, P Camurlu, MD Yilmaz, M Gullu, L Toppare
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Effect of feed supplementation with biosynthesized silver nanoparticles using leaf extract of Morus indica L. V1 on Bombyx mori L.(Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)
S Some, O Bulut, K Biswas, A Kumar, A Roy, IK Sen, A Mandal, OL Franco, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-13, 2019
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