Rogelio Díaz-Méndez
Rogelio Díaz-Méndez
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Monodisperse cluster crystals: Classical and quantum dynamics
R Díaz-Méndez, F Mezzacapo, F Cinti, W Lechner, G Pupillo
Physical Review E 92 (5), 052307, 2015
H− T phase diagram of the two-dimensional Ising model with exchange and dipolar interactions
R Díaz-Méndez, R Mulet
Physical Review B 81 (18), 184420, 2010
Glass transitions in monodisperse cluster-forming ensembles: Vortex matter in type-1.5 superconductors
R Díaz-Méndez, F Mezzacapo, W Lechner, F Cinti, E Babaev, G Pupillo
Physical Review Letters 118 (6), 067001, 2017
Dynamics of systems with isotropic competing interactions in an external field: a Langevin approach
R Díaz-Méndez, A Mendoza-Coto, R Mulet, L Nicolao, DA Stariolo
The European Physical Journal B 81 (3), 309-319, 2011
Non-Arrhenius relaxation of the Heisenberg model with dipolar and anisotropic interactions
R Díaz-Méndez, R Mulet
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 324 (2), 128-134, 2012
Melting of a two-dimensional monodisperse cluster crystal to a cluster liquid
W Wang, R Díaz-Méndez, M Wallin, J Lidmar, E Babaev
Physical Review E 99 (4), 042140, 2019
Event-driven Monte Carlo: Exact dynamics at all time scales for discrete-variable models
A Mendoza-Coto, R Díaz-Méndez, G Pupillo
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 114 (5), 50003, 2016
Monte Carlo simulations of the equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of low-dimensional magnetic systems with long-range dipolar interactions
R Díaz-Méndez, R Mulet
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 294 (2), e21-e25, 2005
On the mechanism behind the inverse melting in systems with competing interactions
A Mendoza-Coto, L Nicolao, R Díaz-Méndez
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10, 2019
Phase-change switching in 2D via soft interactions
R Díaz-Méndez, G Pupillo, F Mezzacapo, M Wallin, J Lidmar, E Babaev
Soft matter 15 (3), 355-358, 2019
Ground state phase diagram of ultrasoft bosons
A Mendoza-Coto, DS Caetano, R Díaz-Méndez
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.08678, 2020
Ultrasoft classical systems at zero temperature
M de Mello, R Díaz-Méndez, A Mendoza-Coto
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.08676, 2020
Personal epistemology and spontaneous small groups
M Morell, R García, R Díaz-Méndez
Educational Psychology, 1-14, 2020
Topological phase diagrams of the frustrated Ising ferromagnet
A Mendoza-Coto, DEB de Oliveira, L Nicolao, R Díaz-Méndez
Physical Review B 101 (17), 174438, 2020
A Monte Carlo from Belén
R Dıaz-Méndez
The Cuban Scientist 1 (1), 3-4, 2020
Solving the one-dimensional Ising chain via mathematical induction: An intuitive approach to the transfer matrix
W Wang, R Díaz-Méndez, R Capdevila
European Journal of Physics 40 (6), 065102, 2019
Scaling of the magnetic permeability at the Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless transition from Coulomb gas simulations
R Díaz-Méndez, J Lidmar, M Wallin
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2018 (12), 123203, 2018
Is a Good Offensive Always the Best Defense?
JQ Toledo-Marin, R Diaz-Mendez, MDC Mussot
International Game Theory Review 19 (01), 2017
Langevin simulations of two dimensional systems with competing interactions
L Nicolao, A Mendoza Coto, DA Stariolo, R Díaz Méndez
Encontro Nacional de Física Estatística (2015: Vitória, ES). Livro de …, 2015
Asymptotic dynamics of a frustrated model with spherical constraint
A Mendoza-Coto, R Díaz-Méndez
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 345, 111-117, 2013
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