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Penyebab stres mahasiswa selama pandemi COVID-19
M Livana, Y Basthomi
Jurnsl Ilmu Keperawatan Jiwa 3 (2), 203-208, 2020
" Learning Task" Attributable to Students' Stress During the Pandemic Covid-19
PH Livana, MF Mubin, Y Basthomi
Jurnal Ilmu Keperawatan Jiwa 3 (2), 203-208, 2020
Digital Storytelling: A Case Study on the Teaching of Speaking To Indonesian EFL Students.
R Afrilyasanti, Y Basthomi
Language in India 11 (2), 2011
Adapting Comics and Cartoons to Develop 21st Century Learners.
R Afrilyasanti, Y Basthomi
Language in India 11 (11), 2011
Integrating character education in the English teaching at islamic junior high schools in Indonesia
A Milal, Z Rohmah, W Kusumajanti, Y Basthomi, DN Sholihah, ...
Teflin Journal 31 (1), 88-107, 2020
EFL students’ responses on teacher’s online written feedback: Interaction, revision, and perception
DN Suci, Y Basthomi, N Mukminatien, A Santihastuti, S Syamdianita
Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics 11 (2), 292-306, 2021
Hedges and boosters in undergraduate students’ research articles
I Salichah, E Irawati, Y Basthomi
Jurnal pendidikan humaniora 3 (2), 154-160, 2015
The rhetoric of research article introductions written in English by Indonesians
Y Basthomi
Unpublished Dissertation. Malang: State University of Malang, 2006
The rhetoric of article abstracts: A sweep through the literature and a preliminary study
Y Basthomi
Bahasa dan Seni 34 (2), 174-189, 2006
Active and Passive Voice Constructions by Indonesian Student Writers.
N Yannuar, IA Shitadevi, Y Basthomi, U Widiati
Theory & Practice in Language Studies 4 (7), 2014
Examining research spaces in doctoral prospectuses
Y Basthomi
TEFLIN Journal 20 (2), 140-158, 2009
Bentuk karakter anak melalui dokumentasi folklor lisan kebudayaan lokal
RR Ilminisa, W Siswanto, Y Basthomi
Jurnal Pendidikan: Teori, Penelitian, dan Pengembangan 1 (6), 996-1001, 2016
The authors' research gap strategies in ELT research article introductions: Does scopus journal quartile matter?
MA Arianto, Y Basthomi
Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies 17 (4), 1743-1759, 2021
What aspects of questions do teachers give attention To
HC Darong, AE Kadarisman, Y Basthomi, N Suryati, M Hidayati, E Niman
International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 10 (11), 191-208, 2020
Mentoring Penulisan Karya Ilmiah
Y Basthomi
Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan 21 (1), 115 - 125, 2015
EFL University Teachers' Perspectives in Written Corrective Feedback and Their Actual Applications.
WW Purnomo, Y Basthomi, JA Prayogo
International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education 10 (3), 1089-1099, 2021
The acceptance of the english language learning mobile application hello english across gender and experience differences
I Putra, A Saukah, Y Basthomi, E Irawati
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (IJET) 15 (15 …, 2020
Politeness markers in teachers’ request in classroom interactions
HC Darong, AE Kadarisman, Y Basthomi
Journal of Literature and Language Teaching 11 (2), 217-233, 2020
Project-Based Learning, Process Writing, and Instagram: an Attempt to Enhance the Students’ Writing Skill
D Arihasta, Y Basthomi
Jurnal Pendidikan Humaniora 7 (3), 76-84, 2019
Truck graffiti: The rhetoric of emulation
Y Basthomi
Dialogue analysis XI 217, 2009
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