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Preparation of zinc oxide/silica nanocomposite particles via consecutive sol–gel and flame-assisted spray-drying methods
W Widiyastuti, I Maula, T Nurtono, F Taufany, S Machmudah, S Winardi, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 254, 252-258, 2014
An integrated green process: subcritical water, enzymatic hydrolysis, and fermentation, for biohydrogen production from coconut husk
M Muharja, F Junianti, D Ranggina, T Nurtono, A Widjaja
Bioresource technology 249, 268-275, 2018
Macro-instability characteristic in agitated tank based on flow visualization experiment and large eddy simulation
T Nurtono, H Setyawan, A Altway, S Winardi
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 87 (7), 923-942, 2009
A new method for the control of dilute suspension sedimentation by horizontal movement
H Yoshida, T Nurtono, K Fukui
Powder technology 150 (1), 9-19, 2005
Photocatalytic activity of ZnO-Ag nanocomposites prepared by a one-step process using flame pyrolysis
K Kusdianto, W Widiyastuti, M Shimada, T Nurtono, S Machmudah, ...
Inter J Tech 10, 571, 2019
A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study into a hydrodynamic factor that affects a bio-hydrogen production process in a stirred tank reactor
T Nurtono, WOC Nirwana, N Anwar, SM Nia, A Widjaja, S Winardi
Procedia Engineering, 232-245, 2012
Mixing behaviour of miscible liquid-liquid multiphase flow in stirred tank with different marine propeller installment by computational fluid dynamics method
S Madhania, T Nurtono, AB Cahyani, Y Muharam, S Winardi, ...
Chemical Engineering Transactions 56, 1057-1062, 2017
Particle formation of hydroxyapatite precursor containing two components in a spray pyrolysis process
W Widiyastuti, A Setiawan, S Winardi, T Nurtono, H Setyawan
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 8 (1), 104-113, 2014
Enhancement of sugar production from coconut husk based on the impact of the combination of surfactant-assisted subcritical water and enzymatic hydrolysis
M Muharja, DK Umam, D Pertiwi, J Zuhdan, T Nurtono, A Widjaja
Bioresource technology 274, 89-96, 2019
Enhancing enzymatic digestibility of coconut husk using nitrogen-assisted subcritical water for sugar production
M Muharja, N Fadhilah, T Nurtono, A Widjaja
Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis 15 (1), 84-95, 2020
Photocatalytic activity inhibition by ZnO-SiO2 nanocomposites synthesized by sonochemical method
I Maula, S Machmudah, T Nurtono, S Winardi, K Okuyama
Advanced Materials Research 1112, 209-212, 2015
Effect of the flame temperature on the characteristics of zirconium oxide fine particle synthesized by flame assisted spray pyrolysis
W Widiyastuti, S Machmudah, T Nurtono, S Winardi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1554 (1), 150-153, 2013
The influence of Al dopant precursors on the characteristics of ZnO fine particles prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
W Widiyastuti, A Setiawan, S Winardi, T Nurtono, S Madhania, D Susanti
Procedia Engineering 50, 152-158, 2012
Combined subcritical water and enzymatic hydrolysis for reducing sugar production from coconut husk
M Muharja, F Junianti, T Nurtono, A Widjaja
AIP Conference Proceedings 1840 (1), 030004, 2017
Synthesis of nanoparticles by hydrothermal treatment
S Machmudah, W Widiyastuti, OP Prastuti, T Nurtono, S Winardi, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1586 (1), 166-172, 2014
Simulation of solid-liquid flows in a stirred bead mill based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
S Winardi, W Widiyastuti, EL Septiani, T Nurtono
Materials Research Express 5 (5), 054002, 2018
CFD study of mixing miscible liquid with high viscosity difference in a stirred tank
S Madhania, AB Cahyani, T Nurtono, Y Muharam, S Winardi, ...
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 316 (1), 012014, 2018
Synthesis of ZnO-SiO2 nanocomposite particles and their characterization by sonochemical method
W Widiyastuti, S Machmudah, T Nurtono, S Winardi, K Okuyama
AIP Conference Proceedings 1840 (1), 080008, 2017
CFD simulation of pulse combustion’s performance
AM Rahmatika, W Widiyastuti, S Winardi, T Nurtono, S Machmudah, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1712 (1), 040006, 2016
Effect of turbulence modelling to predict combustion and nanoparticle production in the flame assisted spray dryer based on computational fluid dynamics
EL Septiani, W Widiyastuti, S Winardi, S Machmudah, T Nurtono, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1712 (1), 040002, 2016
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