Prof.Dr. Emad Mohamed Abdallah
Prof.Dr. Emad Mohamed Abdallah
Qassim University, College of Sciences and Arts, Rass
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Plants: An alternative source for antimicrobials
EM Abdallah
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 1 (6), 16-20, 2011
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EM Abdallah
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EM Abdallah
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Screening for antimicrobial activity of some plants from Saudi Folk medicine.
Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants and Indigenous Medicine 2 (4 …, 2013
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EM Abdallah
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ME Abd Ellatif, AF Salama, AF Elezaby, HF El-Kaffas, A Hassan, A Magdy, ...
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EM Abdallah
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EMA Wail E Abdalla
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Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC): Does it have a role in colorectal tumourigenesis? A Prospective Cohort Study
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Antimicrobial properties and phytochemical constituents of the methanol extracts of Euphorbia retusa Forssk. and Euphorbia terracina L. from Saudi Arabia
EM Abdallah
South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology 4 (2), 48-53, 2014
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