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Diversion in the Child Criminal Justice System as an Effort to Implement Restorative Justice
D Setyowati
Unram Law Review 4 (1), 64-73, 2020
Analysis of Lawsuit Against the Factual Action which Conducted by Military after Law Number 30 Year 2014 Concerning Government Administration
W Purnomo, RHS Aisyah, T Mulahela, X Nugraha
UNRAM Law Review 4 (1), 17-25, 2020
Criminal Liability in Environmental Crimes Committed by Corporations after the Supreme Court Regulation Number 13 of 2016 at Indonesia
F Rahmadia, HS Disemadi, NSP Jaya
Unram Law Review 4 (1), 1-15, 2020
The Prevention on Child Sexual Tourism in Lombok (The Province of West Nusa Tenggara), by Virtue of the Act Number 35 Year 2014 Concerning the Child Protection
AS Hamzah, M Irfan
Unram Law Review 4 (1), 11-16, 2020
The Role of Legal Culture in Corruption Eradication Effort (A Comparative Study of Indonesian and Japanese Corruption Crime Handling)
LP Laely Wulandari
Unram Law Review 3 (2019), 25-34, 2019
Environmental protection in international humanitarian law
ES Nurbani
Unram Law Review 2 (1), 2018
The Complexity Problem on the Law Enforcement by Indonesian Police Agency during the COVID-19 Pandemic
DP Hardiani, NSP Jaya
Unram Law Review 4 (2), 112-122, 2020
Prospects for the Development of Halal, Thoyib, and Hygienic Food Production During the New Normal Covid-19 Period as Supporting Pillars of National Food Security
M Muslih
Unram Law Review 5 (2), 2021
Institutions In Legal Systems As Embodiments Of Legal Purposes
DP Rahayu, F Faisal, T Tony
Unram Law Review 3 (2), 2019
Regulation and supervision of Sharia banking according to Indonesian legislation
M Sood, H Muhaimin, S Ismail
Unram Law Review 1 (1), 16-40, 2017
Analysis on Perpetrator of Klithih in Special Region of Yogyakarta
ER Prasetyandoko, Y Widowaty
Unram Law Review 5 (1), 2021
A Violation of Woman’s Rights under Tradition of Belis in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
W Suriadi, SM bin Ismail
Unram Law Review 5 (1), 2021
Legal Politics Of Corporate Responsibility In Indonesia’s Criminal Law
W Septiawan, AP Muzakir, YP Saputra, A Muflihun
Unram Law Review 3 (2), 2019
New Paradigm Of Abuse Of Power On Discretion After Government Administration Act
HP Putra
Unram Law Review 2 (1), 2018
Baja Bima Customary Sanctions as Alternative Policy of Corruption Actors in Bima Regency West Nusa Tenggara
M Irfan, H Israfil
Unram Law Review 1 (1), 41-60, 2017
Sustainable Development in the Protection and Management of Environment in the Local Authonomy Framework
A Khair
Unram Law Review 1 (1), 149-167, 2017
The New Development Of Subject Of International Law
S Mansyur, Z Zunnuraeni
Unram Law Review 1 (1), 1-15, 2017
The Authority of the Honorary Regional Notary Assembly in Relating to Inspection of Notary of Move of Position Area by Law Enforcement Officer
ALA Rahman, R Sesung
Unram Law Review 1 (2), 2017
The Regulation On Subject To A Property Rights Of A Land According To Agrarian Law (UUPA)
B Sudiarto
Unram Law Review 5 (2), 2021
Law's Application of The Government to Responding People Smuggling
U Mutaqin, IL Pujangga, ZQ Nada
Unram Law Review 5 (2), 2021
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