Bradley T. Rearden
Bradley T. Rearden
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SCALE Code System
BT Rearden, MA Jessee
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States), 2016
Sensitivity-and uncertainty-based criticality safety validation techniques
BL Broadhead, BT Rearden, CM Hopper, JJ Wagschal, CV Parks
Nuclear science and engineering 146 (3), 340-366, 2004
Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis capabilities and data in SCALE
BT Rearden, ML Williams, MA Jessee, DE Mueller, DA Wiarda
Nuclear Technology 174 (2), 236-288, 2011
Perturbation theory eigenvalue sensitivity analysis with Monte Carlo techniques
BT Rearden
Nuclear science and engineering 146 (3), 367-382, 2004
TSUNAMI-3D: Control Module for Three-Dimensional Cross-Section Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis for Criticality
BT Rearden
ORNL/TM-2005/39, Version 5, 2011
A statistical sampling method for uncertainty analysis with SCALE and XSUSA
ML Williams, G Ilas, MA Jessee, BT Rearden, D Wiarda, W Zwermann, ...
Nuclear technology 183 (3), 515-526, 2013
Methods and issues for the combined use of integral experiments and covariance data: results of a NEA international collaborative study
M Salvatores, G Palmiotti, G Aliberti, P Archier, C De Saint Jean, E Dupont, ...
Nuclear Data Sheets 118, 38-71, 2014
SCALE-6 Sensitivity/uncertainty methods and covariance data
ML Williams, BT Rearden
Nuclear Data Sheets 109 (12), 2796-2800, 2008
SCALE: A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation Suite for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design
BT Rearden, SM Bowman
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2011
Monte Carlo criticality methods and analysis capabilities in SCALE
S Goluoglu, LM Petrie Jr, ME Dunn, DF Hollenbach, BT Rearden
Nuclear Technology 174 (2), 214-235, 2011
SCALE continuous-energy eigenvalue sensitivity coefficient calculations
CM Perfetti, BT Rearden, WR Martin
Nuclear Science and Engineering 182 (3), 332-353, 2016
Development of a generalized perturbation theory method for sensitivity analysis using continuous-energy Monte Carlo methods
CM Perfetti, BT Rearden
Nuclear Science and Engineering 182 (3), 354-368, 2016
Applications of the TSUNAMI sensitivity and uncertainty analysis methodology
BT Rearden, CM Hopper, KR Elam, S Goluoglu, CV Parks
SCALE Code System Version 6.2
BT Rearden, MA Jessee
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, Report No. ORNL/TM-2005/39 …, 2016
The SCALE Verified, Archived Library of Inputs and Data–VALID
WJ Marshall, BT Rearden
ANS NCSD, Wilmington, NC, 2013
Criticality safety validation of Scale 6.1
WJ Marshall, BT Rearden
ORNL/TM-2011/450, 2011
TSUNAMI Primer: A primer for sensitivity/uncertainty calculations with SCALE
BT Rearden, D Mueller, SM Bowman, RD Busch, S Emerson
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (United States). Funding organisation: NNSA …, 2009
Introduction to the Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation Workbench
BT Rearden, RA Lefebvre, AB Thompson, BR Langley, NE Stauff
M&C 2017 – International Conference on Mathematics & Computational Methods …, 2017
Methods and issues for the combined use of integral experiments and covariance data
M Salvatores, G Palmiotti, G Aliberti, R McKnight, P Archier, ...
Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation-WPEC, 2013
Use of sensitivity and uncertainty analysis to select benchmark experiments for the validation of computer codes and data
KR Elam, BT Rearden
Nuclear science and engineering 145 (2), 196-212, 2003
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