Jonathan Yen
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Butyrate Greatly Enhances Derivation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by Promoting Epigenetic Remodeling and the Expression of Pluripotency‐Associated Genes
P Mali, BK Chou, J Yen, Z Ye, J Zou, S Dowey, RA Brodsky, JE Ohm, ...
Stem Cells 28 (4), 713-720, 2010
Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells in the absence of drug selection
R Blelloch, M Venere, J Yen, M Ramalho-Santos
Cell Stem Cell 1 (3), 245-247, 2007
Selective in vivo metabolic cell-labeling-mediated cancer targeting
H Wang, R Wang, K Cai, H He, Y Liu, J Yen, Z Wang, M Xu, Y Sun, ...
Nature chemical biology 13 (4), 415-424, 2017
Directed evolution of adenine base editors with increased activity and therapeutic application
NM Gaudelli, DK Lam, HA Rees, NM Solá-Esteves, LA Barrera, DA Born, ...
Nature biotechnology 38 (7), 892-900, 2020
Cancer-related epigenome changes associated with reprogramming to induced pluripotent stem cells
JE Ohm, P Mali, L Van Neste, DM Berman, L Liang, K Pandiyan, ...
Cancer research 70 (19), 7662-7673, 2010
Non-invasive, real-time reporting drug release in vitro and in vivo
Y Zhang, Q Yin, J Yen, J Li, H Ying, H Wang, Y Hua, EJ Chaney, ...
Chemical Communications 51 (32), 6948-6951, 2015
Base editing of haematopoietic stem cells rescues sickle cell disease in mice
GA Newby, JS Yen, KJ Woodard, T Mayuranathan, CR Lazzarotto, Y Li, ...
Nature 595 (7866), 295-302, 2021
Efficient derivation and genetic modifications of human pluripotent stem cells on engineered human feeder cell lines
C Zou, BK Chou, SN Dowey, K Tsang, X Huang, CF Liu, C Smith, J Yen, ...
Stem cells and development 21 (12), 2298-2311, 2012
Cationic, helical polypeptide-based gene delivery for IMR-90 fibroblasts and human embryonic stem cells
J Yen, Y Zhang, NP Gabrielson, L Yin, L Guan, I Chaudhury, H Lu, ...
Biomaterials science 1 (7), 719-727, 2013
Redox-responsive self-assembled chain-shattering polymeric therapeutics
K Cai, J Yen, Q Yin, Y Liu, Z Song, S Lezmi, Y Zhang, X Yang, ...
Biomaterials science 3 (7), 1061-1065, 2015
Bioorthogonal oxime ligation mediated in vivo cancer targeting
L Tang, Q Yin, Y Xu, Q Zhou, K Cai, J Yen, LW Dobrucki, J Cheng
Chemical science 6 (4), 2182-2186, 2015
CD44 Mediated nonviral gene delivery into human embryonic stem cells via hyaluronic-acid-coated nanoparticles
J Yen, H Ying, H Wang, L Yin, F Uckun, J Cheng
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2 (3), 326-335, 2016
An improved method for generating and identifying human induced pluripotent stem cells
P Mali, Z Ye, BK Chou, J Yen, L Cheng
Methods Mol Biol 636, 191-205, 2010
TRIAMF: a new method for delivery of Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex to human hematopoietic stem cells
J Yen, M Fiorino, Y Liu, S Paula, S Clarkson, L Quinn, WR Tschantz, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-11, 2018
Degradable and biocompatible hydrogels bearing a hindered urea bond
H Ying, J Yen, R Wang, Y Lai, Y Hu, J Cheng
Biomaterials science 5 (12), 2398-2402, 2017
Enhanced non-viral gene delivery to human embryonic stem cells via small molecule-mediated transient alteration of the cell structure
J Yen, L Yin, J Cheng
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (46), 8098-8105, 2014
Complementary base editing approaches for the treatment of sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia
L Lin, AP Rybak, C Rinaldi, J Yen, Y Fu, E Akrawi, S Smith, SJ Haskett, ...
Blood 134, 3352, 2019
Base Editing Eliminates the Sickle Cell Mutation and Pathology in Hematopoietic Stem Cells Derived Erythroid Cells
JS Yen, GA Newby, T Mayuranathan, SN Porter, Y Yao, KJ Woodard, ...
Blood 136, 13-14, 2020
Adenosine base editing of γ-globin promoters induces fetal hemoglobin and inhibit erythroid sickling
T Mayuranathan, JS Yen, GA Newby, Y Yao, SN Porter, KJ Woodard, ...
Blood 136, 21-22, 2020
Base Editing for SCD
J Yen
63rd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, 2021
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