Craig Buckley
Craig Buckley
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Thermodynamic changes in mechanochemically synthesized magnesium hydride nanoparticles
M Paskevicius, DA Sheppard, CE Buckley
Journal of the American chemical Society 132 (14), 5077-5083, 2010
Boehmite derived γ-alumina system. 1. Structural evolution with temperature, with the identification and structural determination of a new transition phase, γ ‘-alumina
G Paglia, CE Buckley, AL Rohl, RD Hart, K Winter, AJ Studer, BA Hunter, ...
Chemistry of materials 16 (2), 220-236, 2004
Tetragonal structure model for boehmite-derived γ-alumina
G Paglia, CE Buckley, AL Rohl, BA Hunter, RD Hart, JV Hanna, LT Byrne
Physical Review B 68 (14), 144110, 2003
Hydrogen storage materials for mobile and stationary applications: current state of the art
Q Lai, M Paskevicius, DA Sheppard, CE Buckley, AW Thornton, MR Hill, ...
ChemSusChem 8 (17), 2789-2825, 2015
Determination of the structure of γ-alumina from interatomic potential and first-principles calculations: The requirement of significant numbers of nonspinel positions to …
G Paglia, AL Rohl, CE Buckley, JD Gale
Physical Review B 71 (22), 224115, 2005
Nanosize Zr-metal organic framework (UiO-66) for hydrogen and carbon dioxide storage
HR Abid, H Tian, HM Ang, MO Tade, CE Buckley, S Wang
Chemical Engineering Journal 187, 415-420, 2012
Hydrogen in aluminum
HK Birnbaum, C Buckley, F Zeides, E Sirois, P Rozenak, S Spooner, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 253, 260-264, 1997
Concentrating solar thermal heat storage using metal hydrides
DN Harries, M Paskevicius, DA Sheppard, TEC Price, CE Buckley
Proceedings of the IEEE 100 (2), 539-549, 2011
The hydrogen activation of LaNi5
EH Kisi, CE Buckley, EM Gray
Journal of alloys and compounds 185 (2), 369-384, 1992
Eutectic melting in metal borohydrides
M Paskevicius, MB Ley, DA Sheppard, TR Jensen, CE Buckley
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (45), 19774-19789, 2013
Thermal Stability of Li2B12H12 and its Role in the Decomposition of LiBH4
MP Pitt, M Paskevicius, DH Brown, DA Sheppard, CE Buckley
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (18), 6930-6941, 2013
Examination of Spinel and Nonspinel Structural Models for γ-Al2O3 by DFT and Rietveld Refinement Simulations
M Sun, AE Nelson, J Adjaye
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (5), 2310-2317, 2006
Boehmite-derived γ-alumina system. 2. consideration of hydrogen and surface effects
G Paglia, CE Buckley, TJ Udovic, AL Rohl, F Jones, CF Maitland, ...
Chemistry of Materials 16 (10), 1914-1923, 2004
Synthesis of Co oxide doped carbon aerogel catalyst and catalytic performance in heterogeneous oxidation of phenol in water
Y Hardjono, H Sun, H Tian, CE Buckley, S Wang
Chemical engineering journal 174 (1), 376-382, 2011
Thermodynamics of hydrogen desorption from NaMgH3 and its application as a solar heat storage medium
DA Sheppard, M Paskevicius, CE Buckley
Chemistry of Materials 23 (19), 4298-4300, 2011
In-Situ X-ray Diffraction Study of γ-Mg(BH4)2 Decomposition
M Paskevicius, MP Pitt, CJ Webb, DA Sheppard, U Filsų, EMA Gray, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (29), 15231-15240, 2012
The synthesis of nanoscopic Ti based alloys and their effects on the MgH2 system compared with the MgH2+ 0.01 Nb2O5 benchmark
MP Pitt, M Paskevicius, CJ Webb, DA Sheppard, CE Buckley, EMA Gray
international journal of hydrogen energy 37 (5), 4227-4237, 2012
Enhanced hydrogen storage capacity in carbon aerogels treated with KOH
HY Tian, CE Buckley, SB Wang, MF Zhou
Carbon 47 (8), 2128-2130, 2009
Hydriding characteristics of NaMgH 2 F with preliminary technical and cost evaluation of magnesium-based metal hydride materials for concentrating solar power thermal storage
DA Sheppard, C Corgnale, B Hardy, T Motyka, R Zidan, M Paskevicius, ...
RSC Advances 4 (51), 26552-26562, 2014
Preparation of cobalt/carbon-xerogel for heterogeneous oxidation of phenol
H Sun, H Tian, Y Hardjono, CE Buckley, S Wang
Catalysis today 186 (1), 63-68, 2012
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