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Content Based Image Retrieval and Classification using speeded-up robust features (SURF) and grouped bag-of-visual-words (GBoVW)
A Alfanindya, N Hashim, C Eswaran
2013 international conference on technology, informatics, management …, 2013
Word-based classification of imagined speech using EEG
N Hashim, A Ali, WN Mohd-Isa
International Conference on Computational Science and Technology, 195-204, 2017
An Automated Grading System for Diabetic Retinopathy using Curvelet Transform and Hierarchical Classification
FA Mukti, C Eswaran, N Hashim, HC Ching, MUA Ayoobkhan
International Journal of Engineering & Technology 7, 154-157, 2018
A Structured and Methodological Review on Vision-Based Hand Gesture Recognition System
F Al Farid, N Hashim, J Abdullah, MR Bhuiyan, WN Shahida Mohd Isa, ...
Journal of Imaging 8 (6), 153, 2022
Detection of Malaysian Traffic Signs via Modified YOLOv3 Algorithm
WN Mohd-Isa, MS Abdullah, M Sarzil, J Abdullah, A Ali, N Hashim
2020 International Conference on Data Analytics for Business and Industry …, 2020
Hajj pilgrimage video analytics using CNN
MR Bhuiyan, J Abdullah, N Hashim, F Al Farid, MA Samsudin, N Abdullah, ...
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 10 (5), 2598-2606, 2021
Vision-based hand gesture recognition from RGB video data using SVM
F Al Farid, N Hashim, J Abdullah
International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT) 2019 11049, 265-268, 2019
Detection and classification of diabetic retinopathy anomalies using Bag-of-words model
FA Mukti, C Eswaran, N Hashim
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics 5 (5), 1009-1019, 2015
A deep crowd density classification model for Hajj pilgrimage using fully convolutional neural network
MR Bhuiyan, J Abdullah, N Hashim, F Al Farid, MA Haque, J Uddin, ...
PeerJ Computer Science 8, e895, 2022
Crowd density estimation using deep learning for hajj pilgrimage video analytics
MR Bhuiyan, J Abdullah, N Hashim, F Al Farid, J Uddin, N Abdullah, ...
F1000Research 10, 2021
Video analytics using deep learning for crowd analysis: a review
MR Bhuiyan, J Abdullah, N Hashim, F Al Farid
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 1-28, 2022
Vessel masking and Hough transform for optic disc localisation from retinal images
A Ali, WMDW Zaki, A Hussain, N Hashim, WNM Isa
F1000Research 11 (181), 181, 2022
A Comparison of ML and DL Approaches for Crowd Analysis on the Hajj Pilgrimage
MNHB Zamri, J Abdullah, R Bhuiyan, N Hashim, FA Farid, J Uddin, ...
International Visual Informatics Conference, 552-561, 2021
Enhancement of digitized X-ray films using Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE)
WN Mohd-Isa, J Joseph, N Hashim, N Salih
F1000Research 10 (1051), 1051, 2021
B-COSFIRE and Background Normalisation for Efficient Segmentation of Retinal Vessels
A Ali, WMDW Zaki, A Hussain, WHWA Halim, N Hashim, WNM Isa
2021 IEEE Symposium on Industrial Electronics & Applications (ISIEA), 1-5, 2021
Comparison of Classifiers for Retinal Pathology Images using SURF and Bag-of-Words Model
C Eswaran, FA Mukti, N Hashim
Multi-temporal satellite image correction based on CNN features and adaptive contrast enhancement
Z Saberi, N Hashim, A Ali, J Abdullah, WNM Isa, ZC Embi
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 1064 (1), 012019, 2022
New Hybrid Deep Learning Approach Using BiGRU-BiLSTM and Multilayered Dilated CNN to Detect Arrhythmia
MS Islam, MN Islam, N Hashim, M Rashid, BS Bari, F Al Farid
IEEE Access 10, 58081-58096, 2022
Deep Dilated Convolutional Neural Network for Crowd Density Image Classification with Dataset Augmentation for Hajj Pilgrimage
R Bhuiyan, J Abdullah, N Hashim, F Al Farid, WN Mohd Isa, J Uddin, ...
Sensors 22 (14), 5102, 2022
Multimodal Hybrid Deep Learning Approach to Detect Tomato Leaf Disease Using Attention Based Dilated Convolution Feature Extractor with Logistic Regression Classification
MS Islam, S Sultana, FA Farid, MN Islam, M Rashid, BS Bari, N Hashim, ...
Sensors 22 (16), 6079, 2022
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