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Sri Widiyantoro
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Evidence for deep mantle circulation from global tomography
RD Van der Hilst, S Widiyantoro, ER Engdahl
Nature 386 (6625), 578-584, 1997
High resolution global tomography: a snapshot of convection in the Earth
SP Grand, RD Van der Hilst, S Widiyantoro
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Stagnant slabs in the upper and lower mantle transition region
Y Fukao, S Widiyantoro, M Obayashi
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Joint seismic tomography for bulk sound and shear wave speed in the Earth's mantle
BLN Kennett, S Widiyantoro, RD Van Der Hilst
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Structure and evolution of lithospheric slab beneath the Sunda arc, Indonesia
S Widiyantoro, R van der Hilst
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Mantle structure beneath Indonesia inferred from high-resolution tomographic imaging
S Widiyantoro, R van der Hilst
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A low seismic wavespeed anomaly beneath northwestern India: a seismic signature of the Deccan plume?
BLN Kennett, S Widiyantoro
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Signature of remnant slabs in the North Pacific from P-wave tomography
A Gorbatov, S Widiyantoro, Y Fukao, E Gordeev
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Teleseismic double‐difference relocation of earthquakes along the Sumatra‐Andaman subduction zone using a 3‐D model
JD Pesicek, CH Thurber, H Zhang, HR DeShon, ER Engdahl, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 115 (B10), 2010
Seismic tomography with P and S data reveals lateral variations in the rigidity of deep slabs
S Widiyantoro, BLN Kennett, RD Van der Hilst
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 173 (1-2), 91-100, 1999
Sharpening the tomographic image of the subducting slab below Sumatra, the Andaman Islands and Burma
JD Pesicek, CH Thurber, S Widiyantoro, H Zhang, HR DeShon, ...
Geophysical Journal International 182 (1), 433-453, 2010
Improving global shear wave traveltime tomography usingthree-dimensional ray tracing and iterative inversion
S Widiyantoro, A Gorbatov, BLN Kennett, Y Fukao
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Complex slab subduction beneath northern Sumatra
JD Pesicek, CH Thurber, S Widiyantoro, ER Engdahl, HR DeShon
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (20), 2008
Upper crustal structure of central Java, Indonesia, from transdimensional seismic ambient noise tomography
Z Zulfakriza, E Saygin, PR Cummins, S Widiyantoro, AD Nugraha, ...
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Seismic evidence for a mantle plume oceanwards of the Kamchatka—Aleutian trench junction
A Gorbatov, Y Fukao, S Widiyantoro, E Gordeev
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Deep subduction and aspherical variations in P-wave speed at the base of Earth's mantle
RD Van Der Hilst, S Widiyantoro, KC Creager, T McSweeney
Geodynamics Series 28, 5-20, 1998
Subducting slab structure below the eastern Sunda arc inferred from non-linear seismic tomographic imaging
S Widiyantoro, JD Pesicek, CH Thurber
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 355 (1), 139-155, 2011
Imaging architecture of the Jakarta Basin, Indonesia with transdimensional inversion of seismic noise
E Saygin, PR Cummins, A Cipta, R Hawkins, R Pandhu, J Murjaya, ...
Geophysical Journal International 204 (2), 918-931, 2016
The 17 July 2006 tsunami earthquake in west Java, Indonesia
J Mori, WD Mooney, S Kurniawan, AI Anaya, S Widiyantoro
Seismological Research Letters 78 (2), 201-207, 2007
Improving depth resolution of teleseismic tomography by simultaneous inversion of teleseismic and global P-wave traveltime data—application to the Vrancea …
C Weidle, S Widiyantoro
Geophysical Journal International 162 (3), 811-823, 2005
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