Keitaro Tawaraya
Keitaro Tawaraya
Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University
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Arbuscular mycorrhizal dependency of different plant species and cultivars
K Tawaraya
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 49 (5), 655-668, 2003
Effect of onion (Allium cepa) root exudates on the hyphal growth of Gigaspora margarita
K Tawaraya, S Watanabe, E Yoshida, T Wagatsuma
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The plasma membrane strength of the root-tip cells and root phenolic compounds are correiated with Al tolerance in several common woody plants
P Ofei-Manu, T Wagatsuma, S Ishikawa, K Tawaraya
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Solubilization of insoluble inorganic phosphate by hyphal exudates of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
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Plasma membrane of younger and outer cells is the primary specific site for aluminium toxicity in roots
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White clover living mulch increases the yield of silage corn via arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus colonization
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Organic phosphorus in the terrestrial environment: a perspective on the state of the art and future priorities
TS George, CD Giles, D Menezes-Blackburn, LM Condron, ...
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Inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi can substantially reduce phosphate fertilizer application to Allium fistulosum L. and achieve marketable yield under field condition
K Tawaraya, R Hirose, T Wagatsuma
Biology and Fertility of Soils 48 (7), 839-843, 2012
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Relative abundance of Δ5‐sterols in plasma membrane lipids of root‐tip cells correlates with aluminum tolerance of rice
MS Hossain Khan, K Tawaraya, H Sekimoto, H Koyama, Y Kobayashi, ...
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Inoculation with the ectomycorrhizal fungi Pisolithus arhizus and Scleroderma sp. improves early growth of Shorea pinanga nursery seedlings
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Release of acid phosphatase from extraradical hyphae of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Rhizophagus clarus
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Comparative stainability of plant root cells with basic dye (methylene blue) in association with aluminum tolerance
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Metabolite profiling of root exudates of common bean under phosphorus deficiency
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Metabolites 4 (3), 599-611, 2014
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