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Novel modified ZSM-5 as an efficient adsorbent for methylene blue removal
AK Hammed, N Dewayanto, D Du, MH Ab Rahim, MR Nordin
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 4 (3), 2607-2616, 2016
Use of palm oil decanter cake as a new substrate for the production of bio-oil by vacuum pyrolysis
N Dewayanto, R Isha, MR Nordin
Energy conversion and management 86, 226-232, 2014
Kinetic and thermodynamics of methylene blue adsorption onto zero valent iron supported on mesoporous silica
AK Hameed, N Dewayanto, D Dongyun, MR Nordin, MH Ab Rahim
Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis 11 (2), 250-261, 2016
Solid fuels from decanter cake and other palm oil industry waste
N Dewayanto, MHM Husin, MR Nordin
Jurnal Teknologi 76 (5), 2015
Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass to synthesize bio-oil and chemicals: a review
N Dewayanto, MR Nordin
Chemica 2 (1), 29-37, 2015
Waste to valuable by-product: Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of Cd, Cu and Pb ion removal by decanter cake
N Dewayanto, MH Husin, LK Yong, MR Nordin
Journal of Engineering and Technology (JET) 1, 85-98, 2010
Study of thermal degradation of biomass wastes generated from palm oil milling plant
N Dewayanto, AN Azman, NA Ahmad, MSHM Shah
CHEMICA Jurnal Teknik Kimia 3 (2), 7, 2016
Kinetic study of thermophilic anaerobic digestion of sugarcane vinasse in a single-stage continuous stirred tank reactor
AI Bayu, RA Lestary, N Dewayanto, M Mellyanawaty, A Wicaksono, ...
Results in Engineering 14, 100432, 2022
Comparison of manganese laurate, manganese palmitate and manganese stearate on accelerating degradation of hdpe during natural weathering
M Maryudi, N Dewayanto, MDH Beg, RM Yunus
Jurnal Teknologi 79 (7), 2017
Solid fuel from decanter cake: a preliminary study
MHM Husin, N Dewayanto, MR Nordin
3rd Malaysian Technical Universities Conference and Exhibition on …, 2009
Kinetic study on the catalytic pyrolysis of decanter cake from palm oil milling plant by using thermogravimetry data
N Dewayantoa, R Ishab, MR Nordina
J Teknol 69, 65-69, 2014
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Cd2+, Cu2+ and Pb2+ Removal by Decanter Cake from Palm Oil Mill
N Dewayanto, MR Nordin, KY Liew
J. South-Central University for Nationalities 28, 1-8, 2009
Removal of Chloroform From Aqueous Solution by the Adsorption onto Zero Valent Iron Supported on Zeolite as an Efficient Adsorbent
AK Hameed, MHA Rahim, N Dewayanto, MR Nordin
Int. J. Appl. Sci. Res. Rev 5 (14.10), 21767, 2018
Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Scale Zero-ValentIron Supported on Mesoporous Silica
AK Hameed, N Dewayanto, D Dongyun, MR Nordin
9th Joint Conference on Chemistry, 2014
Catalytic pyrolysis of palm oil decanter cake using CaO and γ-Al2O3 in vacuum fixed bed reactor to produce bio-oil
N Dewayanto, R Isha, MR Nordin
International Conference of Chemical Engineering and Industrial …, 2013
Waste to Valuable by Product: Utilization of Carbonised Decanter Cake from Palm Oil Milling Plant As An Effective Adsorbent For Heavy Metal Ions In Aqueous Solution
N Dewayanto
UMP, 2010
Waste to valuable by-product: Palm oil mill decanter cake and its ability to remove Cd, Cu and Pb ions
N Dewayanto, MZ Sahad, MR Nordin
The 4th International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials, Minerals …, 2009
Isotherm and thermodynamic studies of 2, 4, 6 Tichlorophenol onto newly adsorbents based zeolite as an efficient adsorbents
AK Hameed, MHA Rahim, N Dewayanto, MR Nordin
SN Applied Sciences 1, 1-13, 2019
The characteristics of copper containing SBA-15 prepared by impregnation and pH adjustment methods and their activities for [N. sub. 2] O decomposition
MHM Husin, N Dewayanto, J Li, MR Nordin
Advances in Environmental Biology 9 (6 S1), 6-15, 2015
棕榈油厂倾析渣去除镉 (Ⅱ), 铜 (Ⅱ) 及铅 (Ⅱ) 的吸附动力学及热力学 (英文)
中南民族大学学报: 自然科学版, 1-8, 2009
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