Keiko Sasaki
Keiko Sasaki
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Selective removal of phosphate using La-porous carbon composites from aqueous solutions: Batch and column studies
KS Paulmanickam Koilraj
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Arrayed waveguide grating of 70 60 m^ sup 2^ size based on Si photonic wire waveguides
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COMET Phase-I technical design report
COMET collaboration, R Abramishvili, G Adamov, RR Akhmetshin, A Allin, ...
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Comparative studies of the reduction behavior of chromium (VI) by humic substances and their precursors
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Mono-, di-, and tricarboxylic acid facilitated lanthanum-based organic frameworks: insights into the structural stability and mechanistic approach for superior adsorption of…
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Selective flotation of chalcopyrite and molybdenite with plasma pre-treatment
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Designing novel magnesium oxysulfate cement for stabilization/solidification of municipal solid waste incineration fly ash
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Separation and purification technology 44 (3), 197-204, 2005
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