Muhammad Mufti Azis
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On the evaluation of synthetic and natural ilmenite using syngas as fuel in chemical-looping combustion (CLC)
MM Azis, E Jerndal, H Leion, T Mattisson, A Lyngfelt
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 88 (11), 1505-1514, 2010
The effect of bituminous and lignite ash on the performance of ilmenite as oxygen carrier in chemical‐looping combustion
MM Azis, H Leion, E Jerndal, BM Steenari, T Mattisson, A Lyngfelt
Chemical Engineering & Technology 36 (9), 1460-1468, 2013
On the role of H 2 to modify surface NO x species over Ag–Al 2 O 3 as lean NO x reduction catalyst: TPD and DRIFTS studies
MM Azis, H Härelind, D Creaser
Catalysis Science & Technology 5 (1), 296-309, 2015
Formation of the heavy tar during bio-oil pyrolysis: A study based on Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Z Xiong, H Han, MM Azis, X Hu, Y Wang, S Su, S Hu, J Xiang
Fuel 239 (1), 108-116, 2019
Evaluation of H 2 effect on NO oxidation over a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
MM Azis, X Auvray, L Olsson, D Creaser
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 179, 542-550, 2015
Multi-distribution activation energy model on slow pyrolysis of cellulose and lignin in TGA/DSC
J Kristanto, MM Azis, S Purwono
Roles of furfural during the thermal treatment of bio-oil at low temperatures
Z Xiong, Y Chen, MM Azis, X Hu, W Deng, H Han, L Jiang, S Su, S Hu, ...
Journal of Energy Chemistry 50, 85-95, 2020
On the use of sodium lignosulphonate for enhanced oil recovery
MM Azis, H Rachmadi, J Wintoko, AT Yuliansyah, W Hasokowati, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 65, 2017
Microkinetic modeling of H< sub> 2</sub>-assisted NO oxidation over Ag-Al< sub> 2</sub> O< sub> 3</sub>
MM Azis, H Härelind, D Creaser
Chemical Engineering Journal 221, 382-397, 2013
Integrated liquid fuel based chemical looping combustion–parametric study for efficient power generation and CO2 capture
MA Adnan, MM Azis, MR Quddus, MM Hossain
Applied Energy 228, 2398-2406, 2018
Kinetic modeling of H 2-assisted C 3 H 6 selective catalytic reduction of NO over silver alumina catalyst
MM Azis, H Härelind, D Creaser
Chemical Engineering Journal 278, 394-406, 2015
Life Cycle Assessment of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management: Case Study Area Around Cement Industry, Cirebon, Indonesia
TT Anasstasia, L Erna, C Rochim Bakti, MM Azis
IOP Conference Series: Material Science and Engineering 778 (26th Reg. Symp …, 2020
A Techno-Economic Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Conversion to Energy in Indonesia
MM Azis, J Kristanto, CW Purnomo
Sustainability 13 (13), 7232, 2021
Utilization of Glycerol by Ketalization Reactions with Acetone to Produce Solketal using Indion 225 Na as Catalyst
H Sulistyo, DP Priadana, YW Fitriandini, T Ariyanto, MM Azis
International Journal of Technology 11 (1), 190-199, 2020
Kinetic study on the slow pyrolysis of isolated cellulose and lignin from teak sawdust
J Kristanto, AF Daniyal, DY Pratama, INM Bening, L Setiawan, MM Azis, ...
Thermochimica Acta 711, 179202, 2022
Heterogeneous catalytic reaction of glycerol with acetone for solketal production
H Sulistyo, I Hapsari, Budhijanto, WB Sediawan, S Sri Rahayu, MM Azis
MATEC Web of Conferences 268, 2019
Kinetic study of thermophilic anaerobic digestion of sugarcane vinasse in a single-stage continuous stirred tank reactor
AI Bayu, RA Lestary, N Dewayanto, M Mellyanawaty, A Wicaksono, ...
Results in Engineering 14, 100432, 2022
Life cycle assessment (LCA) kegiatan bank sampah di pedesaan (Bank Sampah Asoka Berseri, Desa Sokosari, Tuban)
TT Anasstasia, MM Azis
Jurnal Pengelolaan Lingkungan Berkelanjutan 4 (3), 537-551, 2020
Microwave-assisted urea-based-hydrotropic pretreatment of rice straw: Experimental data and mechanistic kinetic models
I Hartati, H Sulistyo, WB Sediawan, MM Azis, M Fahrurrozi
ACS omega 6 (20), 13225-13239, 2021
Isomerization of turpentine using various heterogeneous and homogeneous acid catalysts
L Handojo, IA Putra, MM Azis, T Prakoso, Soerawidjaja, T Hernas, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 2085 (020056), 2019
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