Cassilda Cunha-Reis
Cassilda Cunha-Reis
Universidade de Aveiro, Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation - TEMA
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Biomaterials fabrication and processing handbook
PK Chu, X Liu
CRC press, 2008
Nanoparticles-in-film for the combined vaginal delivery of anti-HIV microbicide drugs
C Cunha-Reis, A Machado, L Barreiros, F Araújo, R Nunes, V Seabra, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 243, 43-53, 2016
Effects of inter-stimulus interval (ISI) duration on the N1 and P2 components of the auditory event-related potential
DR Pereira, S Cardoso, F Ferreira-Santos, C Fernandes, C Cunha-Reis, ...
International journal of psychophysiology 94 (3), 311-318, 2014
Influence of porosity and fibre diameter on the degradation of chitosan fibre-mesh scaffolds and cell adhesion
C Cunha-Reis, K TuzlaKoglu, E Baas, Y Yang, AE Haj, RL Reis
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Development and in vivo safety assessment of tenofovir-loaded nanoparticles-in-film as a novel vaginal microbicide delivery system
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Fluorescent labeling of chitosan for use in non‐invasive monitoring of degradation in tissue engineering
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Pharmacological and toxicological assessment of innovative self-assembled polymeric micelles as powders for insulin pulmonary delivery
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Dynamic culture of osteogenic cells in biomimetically coated poly (caprolactone) nanofibre mesh constructs
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Influence of PLLA/PCL/HA scaffold fiber orientation on mechanical properties and osteoblast behavior
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Thermal annealed silk fibroin membranes for periodontal guided tissue regeneration
C Geão, AR Costa-Pinto, C Cunha-Reis, VP Ribeiro, S Vieira, JM Oliveira, ...
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Hydroxyapatite/sericin composites: A simple synthesis route under near-physiological conditions of temperature and pH and preliminary study of the effect of sericin on the …
A Veiga, F Castro, CC Reis, A Sousa, AL Oliveira, F Rocha
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Development and validation of a liquid chromatography-MS/MS method for simultaneous quantification of tenofovir and efavirenz in biological tissues and fluids
L Barreiros, C Cunha-Reis, EMP Silva, JRB Carvalho, J das Neves, ...
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 136, 120-125, 2017
New prospects in skin regeneration and repair using nanophased hydroxyapatite embedded in collagen nanofibers
N Ribeiro, A Sousa, C Cunha-Reis, AL Oliveira, PL Granja, FJ Monteiro, ...
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 33, 102353, 2021
Antimicrobial Properties of Gallium (III)-and Iron (III)-Loaded Polysaccharides Affecting the Growth of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, In …
MG Best, C Cunha-Reis, AY Ganin, A Sousa, J Johnston, AL Oliveira, ...
ACS Applied Bio Materials 3 (11), 7589-7597, 2020
Characterization of scaffold architecture by optical coherence tomography
Y Yang, PO Bagnaninchi, C Cunha-Reis, HM Aydin, E Piskin, A El Haj
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Characterization of scaffold architecture by optical coherence tomography
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Optics in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 6439, 63-71, 2007
Abnormal habituation of the auditory event-related potential P2 component in patients with schizophrenia
P Mazer, I Macedo, TO Paiva, F Ferreira-Santos, R Pasion, F Barbosa, ...
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Abstracts of the HIV Research for Prevention Meeting, HIVR4P, 17-20 October, 2016, Chicago, USA
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Hysteresis effect in the processing of facial expressions of emotion and its neurophysiological correlates
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A dissociação experimental de N1 e P2: dois componentes distintos do potencial relacionado com eventos auditivos
TO Paiva, P Almeida, F Ferreira-Santos, CC Reis, J Vieira, F Barbosa, ...
Livro de atas do VIII simpósio nacional de investigação em psicologia, 2013
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