Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina
Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina
Senior Lecturer in Economics and Business Faculty Mercu Buana University
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Islamic banking capital challenges to increase business expansion (Indonesia cases)
L Nugroho, W Utami, CM Doktoralina, S Soekapdjo, TC Husnadi
International Journal of Commerce & Finance 3 (2), 1-10, 2017
Improving Business Performance: A Proposed Model for SMEs
E Rekarti, CM Doktoralina
European Research Studies Journal 20 (3A), 613-623, 2017
Promotion Analysis of Marine Tourism in Indonesia: A Case Study
R Briandana, CM Doktoralina, D Sukmajati
European Research Studies Journal 21 (2), 602-613, 2018
The Save KPK Movement: A Framing Analysis of Coverage in Indonesian News Media Surrounding the KPK and Police Dispute
A Jamil, CM Doktoralina
Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 7 (3 S1), 229, 2016
The Relationship Between Income Household and Intention to Pay Zakat on Income among Indonesian Academicians
CM Doktoralina, Z Bahari
Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 8 (4), pp 27-39, 2017
Pengaruh Total Asset Turn Over, Return on Asset Dan Return on Equity Terhadap Accumulation Distribution Line
L Haningsih, Zulkifli, CM Doktoralina
Jurnal Akuntansi 18 (3), 438-458, 2014
Role of Accounting Zakat as a Support Function in Supply Chain Management: A Resurrection of the Islamic Economy
CM Doktoralina, Z Bahari, Y Herliansyah, NA Ismail, GP Putri
International Journal of Supply Chain Management 7 (6), 336-342, 2018
Potential Income Zakat Revenue In Private Universities: Conceptual Framework Analysis
CM Doktoralina
WAPI 9 11 (Oktober), 10, 2016
Relationship Between Extrinsic Motivation And Compliance To Pay Income Zakat Among Academic People In Indonesia: Conceptual Framework Analysis
CM Doktoralina
Workshop Antarbangsa Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam 9, 10-16, 2016
The Importance of Sustainability Reports In Non-Financial Companies
CM Doktoralina, S Dewi Anggraini, S Melzatia, S Yahaya
Jurnal Akuntansi 22 (3), 368-384, 2018
Yield Sukuk: Maturity, Rating and Value of Emission
S Melzatia, CM Doktoralina, Mahroji
Research Journal of Finance and Accounting 9 (12), 106-112, 2017
The contribution of strategic management accounting in supply chain outcomes and logistic firm profitability
CM Doktoralina, A Apollo
Uncertain Supply Chain Management 7 (2), 145-156, 2019
Mobilisation of Income Zakat Payment In Indonesia
CM Doktoralina, Z Bahari, SR Abdullah
Ikonomika 3 (2), 189-204, 2018
Building Customer’s Buying Interests To Traditional Nuance Restaurants: A Model Of Proposed Study
E Rekarti, CM Doktoralina, S Anah
The 1st International Conference on Economic, Business and Accounting (ICEBA …, 2017
Niat Membayar Zakat Pendapatan Dalam Kalangan Ahli Akademik
CM Doktoralina
ISDEV, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2017
The importance of quality accounting information management in regional governments in Indonesia
H Setiyawati, CM Doktoralina
Management Science Letters 9 (12), 2083-2092, 2019
The Sustainability of Muslim Women Entrepreneurs: A Case Study in Malaysia
E Rekarti, Z Bahari, NM Zahari, CM Doktoralina, NA Ilias
International Journal of Financial Research 10 (5), 2019
Zakat Accounting Information System in Private Higher Education
CM Doktoralina, Z Bahari
European Research Studies 21, 265-275, 2018
Hasthags (#) Zakat Play a Role in Marketing Politics
CM Doktoralina, Z Bahari
International Development Management Conference (IDMAC) 13 (November), 32, 2018
Application of Supply Chain Management Practices in Banks: Evidence from Indonesia
D Anggraini, A Hamiza, CM Doktoralina, S Anah
International Journal Supply Chain Management 7 (5), 418-427, 2018
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