Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou
Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou
MERLin Lab, School of Chemical Engineering, University of New South Wales
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Hydrogen in magnesium: new perspectives toward functional stores
KF Aguey-Zinsou, JR Ares-Fernández
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (5), 526-543, 2010
Effect of Nb2O5 on MgH2 properties during mechanical milling
KF Aguey-Zinsou, JRA Fernandez, T Klassen, R Bormann
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 32 (13), 2400-2407, 2007
Hydrogen storage materials for mobile and stationary applications: current state of the art
Q Lai, M Paskevicius, DA Sheppard, CE Buckley, AW Thornton, MR Hill, ...
ChemSusChem 8 (17), 2789-2825, 2015
Synthesis of colloidal magnesium: a near room temperature store for hydrogen
KF Aguey-Zinsou, JR Ares-Fernández
Chemistry of Materials 20 (2), 376-378, 2008
Selective photoactivation: From a single unit monomer insertion reaction to controlled polymer architectures
J Xu, S Shanmugam, C Fu, KF Aguey-Zinsou, C Boyer
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (9), 3094-3106, 2016
Effects of different carbon materials on MgH2 decomposition
MA Lillo-Ródenas, ZX Guo, KF Aguey-Zinsou, D Cazorla-Amorós, ...
Carbon 46 (1), 126-137, 2008
Direct electrochemistry of a bacterial sulfite dehydrogenase
KF Aguey-Zinsou, PV Bernhardt, U Kappler, AG McEwan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (2), 530-535, 2003
Using MgO to improve the (de) hydriding properties of magnesium
KF Aguey-Zinsou, JRA Fernandez, T Klassen, R Bormann
Materials Research Bulletin 41 (6), 1118-1126, 2006
Core–Shell Strategy Leading to High Reversible Hydrogen Storage Capacity for NaBH4
ML Christian, KF Aguey-Zinsou
ACS nano 6 (9), 7739-7751, 2012
Nanotube fracture during the failure of carbon nanotube/alumina composites
G Yamamoto, K Shirasu, T Hashida, T Takagi, JW Suk, J An, RD Piner, ...
Carbon 49 (12), 3709-3716, 2011
Desorption characteristics of mechanically and chemically modified LiNH2 and (LiNH2+ LiH)
JH Yao, C Shang, KF Aguey-Zinsou, ZX Guo
Journal of alloys and compounds 432 (1-2), 277-282, 2007
Thermal and mechanically activated decomposition of LiAlH4
JR Ares, KF Aguey-Zinsou, M Porcu, JM Sykes, M Dornheim, T Klassen, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 43 (5), 1263-1275, 2008
Tailoring magnesium based materials for hydrogen storage through synthesis: Current state of the art
Y Sun, C Shen, Q Lai, W Liu, DW Wang, KF Aguey-Zinsou
Energy Storage Materials 10, 168-198, 2018
High performance Au–Pd supported on 3D hybrid strontium-substituted lanthanum manganite perovskite catalyst for methane combustion
Y Wang, H Arandiyan, J Scott, M Akia, H Dai, J Deng, KF Aguey-Zinsou, ...
Acs Catalysis 6 (10), 6935-6947, 2016
Understanding Plasmon and Band Gap Photoexcitation Effects on the Thermal-Catalytic Oxidation of Ethanol by TiO2-Supported Gold
TH Tan, J Scott, YH Ng, RA Taylor, KF Aguey-Zinsou, R Amal
ACS catalysis 6 (3), 1870-1879, 2016
Synthesis and properties of Li3V2− xCex (PO4) 3/C cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
J Yao, S Wei, P Zhang, C Shen, KF Aguey-Zinsou, L Wang
Journal of alloys and compounds 532, 49-54, 2012
Reaction paths between LiNH2 and LiH with effects of nitrides
KF Aguey-Zinsou, J Yao, ZX Guo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (43), 12531-12536, 2007
Nanostructured materials for solid-state hydrogen storage: A review of the achievement of COST Action MP1103
E Callini, KF Aguey-Zinsou, R Ahuja, JR Ares, S Bals, N Biliškov, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy 41 (32), 14404-14428, 2016
Size effects and hydrogen storage properties of Mg nanoparticles synthesised by an electroless reduction method
W Liu, KF Aguey-Zinsou
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (25), 9718-9726, 2014
Protein film voltammetry of Rhodobacter capsulatus xanthine dehydrogenase
KF Aguey-Zinsou, PV Bernhardt, S Leimkühler
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (50), 15352-15358, 2003
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