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Review of CIGS-based solar cells manufacturing by structural engineering
N Mufti, T Amrillah, A Taufiq, M Diantoro, H Nur
Solar energy 207, 1146-1157, 2020
Self-cleaning material based on superhydrophobic coatings through an environmentally friendly sol–gel method
N Pratiwi, Zulhadjri, S Arief, Admi, DV Wellia
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 96, 669-678, 2020
Spinel ferrite of MnFe2O4 synthesized in Piper betle Linn extract media and its application as photocatalysts and antibacterial
R Rahmayeni, Y Oktavia, Y Stiadi, S Arief, Z Zulhadjri
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 42 (3), 465-474, 2021
The effect of monoethanolamine as stabilizing agent in Uncaria gambir Roxb. mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its antibacterial activity
A Labanni, Z Zulhadjri, D Handayani, Y Ohya, S Arief
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 2019
Enhancement in photoluminescence performance of carbon-based Fe3O4@ ZnO–C nanocomposites
S Arief, M Muldarisnur, SRA Usna
Vacuum 211, 111935, 2023
Size controlled synthesis of well-distributed nano-silver on hydroxyapatite using alkanolamine compounds
A Labanni, D Handayani, Y Ohya, S Arief
Ceramics International 46 (5), 5850-5855, 2020
Synthesis of ZnO-NiFe2O4 magnetic nanocomposites by simple solvothermal method for photocatalytic dye degradation under solar light
S Rahmayeni, Z Zulhadjri, N Jamarun, E Emriadi, S Arief
Oriental Journal of Chemistry 32, 1411-1419, 2016
Bio-friendly synthesis of silver nanoparticles using mangrove rhizophora stylosa leaf aqueous extract and its antibacterial and antioxidant activity
N Willian, Z Syukri, A Labanni, S Arief
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 13 (3), 1478-1485, 2020
Lead-Free Aurivillius Phase Bi2LaNb1.5Mn0.5O9: Structure, Ferroelectric, Magnetic, and Magnetodielectric Effects
TP Wendari, S Arief, N Mufti, GR Blake, J Baas, V Suendo, A Prasetyo, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 61 (23), 8644-8652, 2022
Simbang Darah (Iresine herbstii) extract mediated hydrothermal method in the synthesis of zinc ferrite spinel nanoparticles used for photocatalysis and antibacterial applications
R Febrialita, Y Stiadi, YE Putri, N Sofyan
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (2), 105140, 2021
High antibacterial properties of green synthesized gold nanoparticles using Uncaria gambir Roxb. leaf extract and triethanolamine
S Arief, FW Nasution, A Labanni
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 10 (8), 124-130, 2020
Aurivillius phases of PbBi4Ti4O15 doped with Mn3+ synthesized by molten salt technique: structure, dielectric, and magnetic properties
B Prijamboedi, AA Nugroho, N Mufti, A Fajar, TTM Palstra
Journal of solid state chemistry 184 (5), 1318-1323, 2011
Ratio effect of salt fluxes on structure, dielectric and magnetic properties of La, Mn-doped PbBi2Nb2O9 Aurivillius phase
TP Wendari, S Arief, N Mufti, J Baas, GR Blake
Ceramics International 46 (10), 14822-14827, 2020
Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles of TiO2-NiFe2O4: characterization and photocatalytic activity on degradation of rhodamine B
R Rahmayeni, S Arief, Y Stiadi, R Rizal, Z Zulhadjri
Indonesian journal of chemistry 12 (3), 229-234, 2012
Structure-property relationships in the lanthanide-substituted PbBi2Nb2O9 Aurivillius phase synthesized by the molten salt method
TP Wendari, S Arief, N Mufti, A Insani, J Baas, GR Blake
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 860, 158440, 2021
Zulhadjri (2012), Modifikasi komposisi kitosan pada proses sintesis komposit TiO2-Kitosan
RH Pebriani, Y Rilda
Jurnal Kimia Unand 1 (1), 40-47, 0
Enhanced dielectric and ferroelectric responses in La3+/Ti4+ co-substituted SrBi2Ta2O9 Aurivillius phase
TP Wendari, M Ikhram, YE Putri, U Septiani
Ceramics International 48 (7), 10328-10332, 2022
Hydrothermal synthesized Ag nanoparticles using bioreductor of gambier leaf extract (Uncaria gambier Roxb)
Y Ohyab
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 7 (9S), 189-192, 2015
Uncaria gambir Roxb. mediated green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using diethanolamine as capping agent
A Labanni, Zulhadjri, D Handayani, S Arief
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 299, 012067, 2018
Improving the morphological, optical, and photocatalytic properties of octahedral Zn2SnO4 using Garcinia mangostana fruit peel extract
E Angasa, YE Putri, N Jamarun, S Arief
Vacuum 182, 109719, 2020
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