Dedy H.B. Wicaksono
Dedy H.B. Wicaksono
Lecturer, Swiss German University, Indonesia
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Flexible microfluidic cloth-based analytical devices using a low-cost wax patterning technique
A Nilghaz, DHB Wicaksono, D Gustiono, FAA Majid, E Supriyanto, ...
Lab on a Chip 12 (1), 209-218, 2012
Cotton fabric-based electrochemical device for lactate measurement in saliva
RSP Malon, KY Chua, DHB Wicaksono, EP Córcoles
Analyst 139 (12), 3009-3016, 2014
Antimicrobial treatment of different metal oxide nanoparticles: a critical review
S Parham, DHB Wicaksono, S Bagherbaigi, SL Lee, H Nur
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 63 (4), 385-393, 2016
Effect of graphene oxide on the structural and electrochemical behavior of polypyrrole deposited on cotton fabric
F Yaghoubidoust, DHB Wicaksono, S Chandren, H Nur
Journal of Molecular Structure 1075, 486-493, 2014
Cotton fabric as an immobilization matrix for low-cost and quick colorimetric enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
S Bagherbaigi, EP Córcoles, DHB Wicaksono
Analytical Methods 6 (18), 7175-7180, 2014
Multiple semi-quantitative colorimetric assays in compact embeddable microfluidic cloth-based analytical device (μCAD) for effective point-of-care diagnostic
A Nilghaz, S Bagherbaigi, CL Lam, SM Mousavi, EP Cόrcoles, ...
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 19 (2), 317-333, 2015
Biomimetic strain-sensing microstructure for improved strain sensor: fabrication results and optical characterization
DHB Wicaksono, JFV Vincent, G Pandraud, G Craciun, PJ French
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 15 (7), S72, 2005
Fiber based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for C-reactive protein
S Sadir, MP Prabhakaran, DHB Wicaksono, S Ramakrishna
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 205, 50-60, 2014
Proprioceptive Sensing System for Therapy Assessment Using Cotton Fabric-Based Biomedical Micro Electro Mechanical System
AC Yuen, A Bakir, NM Rajdi, CL Lam, DHB Wicaksono
Sensors Journal, IEEE 14 (8), 2872 - 2880, 2014
EDTA-treated cotton-thread microfluidic device used for one-step whole blood plasma separation and assay
MF Ulum, L Maylina, D Noviana, DHB Wicaksono
Lab on a Chip 16 (8), 1492-1504, 2016
Far-infrared sensor with LPCVD-deposited low-stress Si-rich nitride absorber membrane: Part 2: thermal property, and sensitivity
F Jutzi, DHB Wicaksono, G Pandraud, N de Rooij, PJ French
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 152 (2), 126-138, 2009
Textile/Al 2 O 3–TiO 2 nanocomposite as an antimicrobial and radical scavenger wound dressing
S Parham, S Chandren, DHB Wicaksono, S Bagherbaigi, SL Lee, ...
RSC advances 6 (10), 8188-8197, 2016
Far-infrared sensor with LPCVD-deposited low-stress Si-rich nitride absorber membrane—Part 1. Optical absorptivity
F Jutzi, DHB Wicaksono, G Pandraud, N De Rooij, PJ French
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 152 (2), 119-125, 2009
MWCNT/Cotton-based flexible electrode for electrocardiography
CL Lam, NNZM Rajdi, DHB Wicaksono
SENSORS, 2013 IEEE, 1-4, 2013
In Situ Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles for Ag‐NP/Cotton Nanocomposite and Its Bactericidal Effect
S Parham, M Nemati, S Sadir, S Bagherbaigi, DHB Wicaksono, H Nur
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 64 (11), 1286-1293, 2017
Textile-based micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer for pelvic tilt mesurement
NNZM Rajdi, AA Bakira, SM Saleh, DHB Wicaksono
Procedia Engineering 41, 532-537, 2012
Fabrication and initial characterisation results of a micromachined biomimetic strain sensor inspired from the campaniform sensillum of insects
DHB Wicaksono, G Pandraud, G Craciun, JFV Vincent, PJ French
SENSORS, 2004 IEEE, 542-545, 2004
Monitoring degradation products and metal ions in vivo
D Paramitha, MF Ulum, A Purnama, DHB Wicaksono, D Noviana, ...
Monitoring and Evaluation of Biomaterials and their Performance In Vivo, 19-44, 2017
Design and modelling of a bio-inspired MEMS gyroscope
D HB Wicaksono, Y Chen, P J French
Fly's proprioception-inspired micromachined strain-sensing structure: idea, design, modeling and simulation, and comparison with experimental results
DHB Wicaksono, LJ Zhang, G Pandraud, PJ French, JFV Vincent
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 34 (1), 055, 2006
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