Anthony Muscat
Anthony Muscat
Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Arizona
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Reactive site deactivation against vapor deposition
E Shero, M Verghese, A Muscat, S Miller
US Patent 8,293,658, 2012
Water-based route to ligand-selective synthesis of ZnSe and Cd-doped ZnSe quantum dots with tunable ultraviolet A to blue photoluminescence
Z Deng, FL Lie, S Shen, I Ghosh, M Mansuripur, AJ Muscat
Langmuir 25 (1), 434-442, 2009
Strong blue photoluminescence from single-crystalline bismuth oxychloride nanoplates
Z Deng, F Tang, AJ Muscat
Nanotechnology 19 (29), 295705, 2008
Simple colloidal synthesis of single-crystal Sb− Se− S nanotubes with composition dependent band-gap energy in the near-infrared
Z Deng, M Mansuripur, AJ Muscat
Nano letters 9 (5), 2015-2020, 2009
Silylation of porous methylsilsesquioxane films in supercritical carbon dioxide
B Xie, AJ Muscat
Microelectronic Engineering 76 (1-4), 52-59, 2004
Formation of nanoporous Au by dealloying AuCu thin films in HNO3
R Morrish, K Dorame, AJ Muscat
Scripta Materialia 64 (9), 856-859, 2011
A new route to self-assembled tin dioxide nanospheres: Fabrication and characterization
Z Deng, B Peng, D Chen, F Tang, AJ Muscat
Langmuir 24 (19), 11089-11095, 2008
Synthesis of two-dimensional single-crystal berzelianite nanosheets and nanoplates with near-infrared optical absorption
Z Deng, M Mansuripur, AJ Muscat
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (34), 6201-6206, 2009
Removal of copper from silicon surfaces using hexafluoroacetylacetone (hfacH) dissolved in supercritical carbon dioxide
B Xie, CC Finstad, AJ Muscat
Chemistry of materials 17 (7), 1753-1764, 2005
Kinetics and mechanism for the reaction of hexafluoroacetylacetone with CuO in supercritical carbon dioxide
M Durando, R Morrish, AJ Muscat
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (49), 16659-16668, 2008
Ligand-controlled growth of ZnSe quantum dots in water during Ostwald ripening
F Jiang, AJ Muscat
Langmuir 28 (36), 12931-12940, 2012
Nanoporous Silver with Controllable Optical Properties Formed by Chemical Dealloying in Supercritical CO2
R Morrish, AJ Muscat
Chemistry of Materials 21 (16), 3865-3870, 2009
Moisture absorption and reaction in BPSG thin films
AG Thorsness, AJ Muscat
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 150 (12), F219, 2003
New method to single-crystal micrometer-sized ultra-thin silver nanosheets: synthesis and characterization
Z Deng, M Mansuipur, AJ Muscat
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (3), 867-873, 2009
Surface manipulation and selective deposition processes using adsorbed halogen atoms
A Muscat
US Patent App. 11/358,953, 2006
Method for encapsulating a device in a microcavity
A Witvrouw, C Van Hoof, RCH Rico, AJ Muscat, J Fransaer, JP Celis
US Patent 7,803,665, 2010
Phase Pure Pyrite FeS2 Nanocubes Synthesized Using Oleylamine as Ligand, Solvent, and Reductant
F Jiang, LT Peckler, AJ Muscat
Crystal Growth & Design 15 (8), 3565-3572, 2015
Synthesis and purple-blue emission of antimony trioxide single-crystalline nanobelts with elliptical cross section
Z Deng, D Chen, F Tang, J Ren, AJ Muscat
Nano Research 2 (2), 151-160, 2009
The restoration of porous methylsilsesquioxane (p-MSQ) films using trimethylhalosilanes dissolved in supercritical carbon dioxide
B Xie, AJ Muscat
Microelectronic engineering 82 (3-4), 434-440, 2005
Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in a semiconductor processing course
AJ Muscat, EL Allen, EDH Green, LS Vanasupa
Journal of Engineering Education 87 (4), 413-421, 1998
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