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Syukri Arief
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Production of nanocellulose from pineapple leaf fibers via high-shear homogenization and ultrasonication
M Mahardika, H Abral, A Kasim, S Arief, M Asrofi
Fibers 6 (2), 28, 2018
Mechanical properties of water hyacinth fibers–polyester composites before and after immersion in water
H Abral, D Kadriadi, A Rodianus, P Mastariyanto, S Arief, SM Sapuan, ...
Materials & Design 58, 125-129, 2014
A simple synthesis of metallic Ni and Ni–Co alloy fine powders from a mixed-metal acetate precursor
YT Syukri, T. Ban, Y. Ohya
Mater. Chem. Phys 78 (3), 645-649, 2003
Properties of cellulose nanofiber/bengkoang starch bionanocomposites: Effect of fiber loading
M Mahardika, H Abral, A Kasim, S Arief, F Hafizulhaq, M Asrofi
Lwt 116, 108554, 2019
Design of photovoltaic cell with copper oxide electrode by using indoor lights
R Zainul
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 6 (4 …, 2015
Modifikasi dan Karakteristik IV Sel Fotovoltaik Cu2o/Cu-Gel Na2so4 Melalui Iluminasi Lampu Neon
R Zainul, A Alif, H Aziz, S Arief, S Darajat
Eksakta 2, 50, 2015
Disain Geometri Reaktor Fotosel Cahaya Ruang
R Zainul, A Alif, H Aziz, S Arief
Jurnal Riset Kimia 8 (2), 131-131, 2015
Facile synthesis of hydroxyapatite particles from cockle shells (Anadaragranosa) by hydrothermal method
Y Azis, N Jamarun, S Arief, H Nur
Oriental journal of chemistry 31 (2), 1-7, 2015
Microstructural analysis and optical properties of nanocrystalline cerium oxides synthesized by precipitation method
GE Putri, S Arief, N Jamarun, FR Gusti, R Zainul
Rasayan J. Chem 12 (1), 85-90, 2019
Highly antimicrobial activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles synthesized using Moringa oleifera leaf extract by a rapid green precipitation method
GE Putri, Y Rilda, S Syukri, A Labanni, S Arief
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 15, 2355-2364, 2021
A hydrothermal synthesis of natural hydroxyapatite obtained from Corbicula moltkiana freshwater clams shell biowaste
MF Alif, W Aprillia, S Arief
Materials Letters 230, 40-43, 2018
Synthesis of zeolite-X from rice husk silica and aluminum metal as a catalyst for transesterification of palm oil
KD Pandiangan, S Arief, N Jamarun, W Simanjuntak
Journal of Materials and Environmental Science 8 (5), 1797-1802, 2017
Moisture absorption and opacity of starch-based biocomposites reinforced with cellulose fiber from bengkoang
F Hafizulhaq, H Abral, A Kasim, S Arief, J Affi
Fibers 6 (3), 62, 2018
Self-cleaning material based on superhydrophobic coatings through an environmentally friendly sol–gel method
N Pratiwi, Zulhadjri, S Arief, Admi, DV Wellia
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 96, 669-678, 2020
Synthesis of Zno-Nife2o4 Magnetic Nanocomposites by Simple Solvothermal Method for Photocatalytic Dye Degradation Under Solar Light
Rahmayeni, N Jamarun, S Arief
Oriental Journal of Chemistry 32 (3), 1411-1419, 2016
Mechanical properties and biodegradability of areca nut fiber-reinforced polymer blend composites
A Mahyudin, S Arief, H Abral, M Muldarisnu, MP Artika
Transdisciplinary Research and Education Center for Green Technologies …, 2020
Spinel ferrite of MnFe2O4 synthesized in Piper betle Linn extract media and its application as photocatalysts and antibacterial
R Rahmayeni, Y Oktavia, Y Stiadi, S Arief, Z Zulhadjri
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 42 (3), 465-474, 2021
Effect of temperature on synthesis of hydroxyapatite from limestone
N Jamarun, Z Azharman, S Arief, TP Sari, A Asril, S Elfina
Rasayan J. Chem 8 (1), 133-137, 2015
Inhibisi korosi baja ringan menggunakan bahan alami dalam medium asam klorida
Y Stiadi, S Arief, H Aziz, M Efdi, E Emriadi
Jurnal Riset Kimia 10 (1), 51-65, 2019
Green synthesis of copper nanoparticles using Uncaria gambir Roxb. leaf extract and its characterization.
N Elisma, A Labanni, Y Rilda, M Asrofi, S Arief
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 12 (4), 2019
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