Basuki Wirjosentono
Basuki Wirjosentono
Professor of polymer physical chemistry
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Bamboo fibre filled natural rubber composites: the effects of filler loading and bonding agent
H Ismail, MR Edyham, B Wirjosentono
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H lsmail, MR Edyham, B Wirjosentono
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Tensile properties and biodegradability of rice husk powder-filled recycled polypropylene composites: effect of crude palm oil and trimethylolpropane triacrylate
NS Suharty, M Mathialagan, H Ismail, B Wirjosentono, M Firdaus, ...
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Analisa dan Karakterisasi Polimer
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Preparation, characterization and antimicrobial activity of grafted cellulose fiber from durian rind waste
R Lubis, B Wirjosentono, AA Septevani
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 604, 125311, 2020
Characterization of durian rinds fiber (Durio zubinthinus, murr) from North Sumatera
R Lubis, SW Saragih, B Wirjosentono, E Eddyanto
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Characteristic of abaca (Musa textilis) fiber from Aceh Timur as bioplastic
SW Saragih, R Lubis, B Wirjosentono, E Eddyanto
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Preparation and characterization of rice husk ash as filler material in to nanoparticles on HDPE thermoplastic composites
EM Ginting, B Wirjosentono, N Bukit, H Agusnar
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The effectiveness of coconut coir as tar adsorbent in liquid smoke integrated into the pyrolysis reactor
RM Sari, S Gea, B Wirjosentono, S Hendrana, FG Torres
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 25, 100907, 2021
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