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GL Krebs
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The effect of supplementation with molasses/urea blocks on ruminal digestion
GL Krebs, RA Leng
Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production 15, 704, 1984
Chemical composition, biological effects of tannin and in vitro nutritive value of selected browse species grown in the West Australian Mediterranean environment
MBPK Mahipala, GL Krebs, P McCafferty, LHP Gunaratne
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Effect of molasses, sodium bentonite and zeolite on urea toxicity
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Evaluation of the Brix refractometer as an on-farm tool for the detection of passive transfer of immunity in dairy calves
J Thornhill, GL Krebs, CE Petzel
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Differential rumination, intake, and enteric methane production of dairy cows in a pasture-based automatic milking system
LJ Watt, CEF Clark, GL Krebs, CE Petzel, S Nielsen, SA Utsumi
Journal of dairy science 98 (10), 7248-7263, 2015
Transplacental transmission of Theileria orientalis occurs at a low rate in field-affected cattle: infection in utero does not appear to be a major cause of abortion
E Swilks, SA Fell, JF Hammer, N Sales, GL Krebs, C Jenkins
Parasites & vectors 10 (1), 1-9, 2017
The effects of feeding Acacia saligna on feed intake, nitrogen balance and rumen metabolism in sheep
GL Krebs, DM Howard, K Dods
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 20 (9), 1367-1373, 2007
Microbial biomass and production rates in the rumen of faunated and fauna-free sheep on low protein fibrous feeds with or without nitrogen supplementation
GL Krebs, RA Leng, JV Nolan
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Feeding grape seed extract to horses: effects on health, intake and digestion
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Feeding Acacia saligna to sheep and goats with or without the addition of urea or polyethylene glycol
GL Krebs, DM Howard, K Dods
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Seasonal diet selection by ewes grazing within contrasting grazing systems
F Cox, WB Badgery, DR Kemp, G Krebs
Animal Production Science 57 (9), 1824-1836, 2017
Pumpkin kernel and garlic as alternative treatments for the control of Haemonchus contortus in sheep
VJ Strickland, GL Krebs, W Potts
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The value of Acacia saligna as a source of feed for sheep.
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Prevalence and effect of Theileria orientalis infection in homebred calves in the Gloucester region of New South Wales, Australia
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Acute renal failure due to Amaranthus species ingestion by lambs
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Effect of molasses sodium bentonite and zeolite urea toxity
RG Stephensan, JL Huff, G Krebs, CJ Howitt
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Utilising dual-purpose crops to produce prime lambs: comparison of White Dorper and Merino sheep on crops and pasture
SR McGrath, SH Street, GL Krebs, F Ataollahi, MS Bhanugopan, ...
Animal Production Science, 2021
The value of Acacia saligna as a source of fodder for ruminants
GL Krebs, DM Howard, D May, M Houtert
A report for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation …, 2003
Notes and Queries 11 (14), 264-264, 1910
Predicting the quality of browse-containing diets fed to sheep using faecal near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy
MBPK Mahipala, GL Krebs, P McCafferty, T Naumovski, K Dods, ...
Animal Production Science 50 (10), 925-930, 2010
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