Martin Ziegler
Martin Ziegler
Professor, TU Ilmenau
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An electronic version of Pavlov's dog
M Ziegler, R Soni, T Patelczyk, M Ignatov, T Bartsch, P Meuffels, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (13), 2744-2749, 2012
Towards artificial neurons and synapses: a materials point of view
DS Jeong, I Kim, M Ziegler, H Kohlstedt
RSC advances 3 (10), 3169-3183, 2013
Giant electrode effect on tunnelling electroresistance in ferroelectric tunnel junctions
R Soni, A Petraru, P Meuffels, O Vavra, M Ziegler, SK Kim, DS Jeong, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-10, 2014
Local density of states from constant-current tunneling spectra
M Ziegler, N Néel, A Sperl, J Kröger, R Berndt
Physical Review B 80 (12), 125402, 2009
A double barrier memristive device
M Hansen, M Ziegler, L Kolberg, R Soni, S Dirkmann, T Mussenbrock, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-12, 2015
Scanning tunneling microscopy and kinetic Monte Carlo investigation of cesium superlattices on Ag (111)
M Ziegler, J Kröger, R Berndt, A Filinov, M Bonitz
Physical Review B 78 (24), 245427, 2008
Memristive stochastic plasticity enables mimicking of neural synchrony: Memristive circuit emulates an optical illusion
M Ignatov, M Ziegler, M Hansen, H Kohlstedt
Science advances 3 (10), e1700849, 2017
Memristive Hebbian plasticity model: Device requirements for the emulation of Hebbian plasticity based on memristive devices
M Ziegler, C Riggert, M Hansen, T Bartsch, H Kohlstedt
IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 9 (2), 197-206, 2015
A memristive spiking neuron with firing rate coding
M Ignatov, M Ziegler, M Hansen, A Petraru, H Kohlstedt
Frontiers in neuroscience 9, 376, 2015
Double-barrier memristive devices for unsupervised learning and pattern recognition
M Hansen, F Zahari, M Ziegler, H Kohlstedt
Frontiers in neuroscience 11, 91, 2017
Synchronization of two memristively coupled van der Pol oscillators
M Ignatov, M Hansen, M Ziegler, H Kohlstedt
Applied Physics Letters 108 (8), 084105, 2016
Memristive operation mode of floating gate transistors: A two-terminal MemFlash-cell
M Ziegler, M Oberländer, D Schroeder, WH Krautschneider, H Kohlstedt
Applied Physics Letters 101 (26), 263504, 2012
Unsupervised Hebbian learning experimentally realized with analogue memristive crossbar arrays
M Hansen, F Zahari, H Kohlstedt, M Ziegler
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MemFlash device: floating gate transistors as memristive devices for neuromorphic computing
C Riggert, M Ziegler, D Schroeder, WH Krautschneider, H Kohlstedt
Semiconductor Science and Technology 29 (10), 104011, 2014
Mimic synaptic behavior with a single floating gate transistor: A MemFlash synapse
M Ziegler, H Kohlstedt
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (19), 194506, 2013
Tutorial: Concepts for closely mimicking biological learning with memristive devices: Principles to emulate cellular forms of learning
M Ziegler, C Wenger, E Chicca, H Kohlstedt
Journal of Applied Physics 124 (15), 152003, 2018
The role of ion transport phenomena in memristive double barrier devices
S Dirkmann, M Hansen, M Ziegler, H Kohlstedt, T Mussenbrock
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-12, 2016
Kinetic simulation of filament growth dynamics in memristive electrochemical metallization devices
S Dirkmann, M Ziegler, M Hansen, H Kohlstedt, J Trieschmann, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (21), 214501, 2015
Pattern recognition with TiOx-based memristive devices
F Zahari, M Hansen, T Mussenbrock, M Ziegler, H Kohlstedt
AIMS Materials Science 2 (3), 203-216, 2015
Control of spin-polarized current in a scanning tunneling microscope by single-atom transfer
M Ziegler, N Ruppelt, N Néel, J Kröger, R Berndt
Applied Physics Letters 96 (13), 132505, 2010
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