Dr.Vrajlal Sapovadia
Dr.Vrajlal Sapovadia
Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad, India
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Micro finance: The pillars of a tool to socio-economic development
VK Sapovadia
Development Gateway, 2006
Good Coporate Governance: An Instrument for Wealth Maximisation
VK Sapovadia
MBA Department of Saurashtra University Conference, India, 2003
What Works for Workers' Cooperatives? An Empirical Research on Success & Failure of Indian Workers' Cooperatives
VK Sapovadia, A Patel
An Empirical Research on Success & Failure of Indian Workers' Cooperatives …, 2013
Fisherman cooperatives: a tool for socio-economic development
VK Sapovadia
International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade Conference, 2004
Poverty Reduction Strategies through Cooperatives
VK Sapovadia
Available at SSRN 958048, 2007
Business ethics & employee turnover: CAFE matrix
VK Sapovadia, SV Patel
Available at SSRN 2249712, 2013
Operational Risks in Context to Corporate Governance Practices in India
VK Sapovadia
Available at SSRN 1142422, 2008
Role of a Woman Leader in Cooperative Dairy Movement: Story of NDDB-Woman Empowering Women
VK Sapovadia, S Achuthan
4th Research Conference of ICA at Colombo Srilanka, 2006
Legal Issues in Cryptocurrency
V Sapovadia
Handbook of Digital Currency, 253-266, 2015
Good Cooperative Governance as a Tool to withstand Urban Coop Bank Crisis-A Case Study of Rajkot Nagarik Coop Bank
V Sapovadia
India, ICA-AP Research Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam 2, 2008
Evaluating Effectiveness Among Cooperatives vis-a-vis Other Social Institutes-A Case Study of Nabard's Rural Innovation Fund & Other Schemes
VK Sapovadia
Canada Congress, Saskatoon University, Canada, 2007
Critical Analysis of Accounting Standards vis-ą-vis Corporate Governance Practice in India
VK Sapovadia
Available at SSRN 712461, 2007
A Critical Study of Urban Land Ownership by an Individual vis-a-vis Institutional (or Community) Based Ownership-The Impact of Type of Ownership on Spatial Growth, Efficiency …
VK Sapovadia
World Bank Urban Symposium, 2007
Laws of Labor
MC Mattioli, VK Sapovadia
Harvard International Review 26 (2), 60-64, 2004
Singularity in Plurality: Technology Percolated to Empower Rural Grassroots & Nourish Multiple Cooperatives at Warana Complex
VK Sapovadia
India, ICA Europe Research Conference, Lyon, France, 2010
Good Cooperative Governance as a Tool to withstand Urban Coop Bank Crisis-A Case Study of Rajkot Nagarik Coop Bank, India
VK Sapovadia
ICA's 5th Research Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam, February 12, 2008
Capacity Building, Pillar of Micro Finance
VK Sapovadia
Pillar of Micro Finance (March 19, 2007), 2007
Optimizing Decision Making System and Capacity: Lessons from empirical study of selected successful and collapsed major cooperatives in India
VK Sapovadia
International Cooperative Alliance Research Forum, 2004
Analyzing Indian Diaspora: Pyramid Impact on Reforms & Migration Pattern
DV Sapovadia
SSRN, 2015
Drivers of Poverty Alleviation Process: Empirical Study of Community Based Organizations from India
V Sapovadia, A Patel
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