Miga Magenika Julian
Miga Magenika Julian
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Assessment of the effects of climate and land cover changes on river discharge and sediment yield, and an adaptive spatial planning in the Jakarta region
Poerbandono, MM Julian, PJ Ward
Natural hazards 73 (2), 507-530, 2014
Set up and calibration of a spatial tool for simulating river discharge of western Java in recent decades: preliminary results and assessments
P Poerbandono, PJ Ward, MM Julian
Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences 41 (1), 50-64, 2009
Simulation of river discharges in major watersheds of northwestern Java from 1901 to 2006
MM Julian, F Nishio, Poerbandono, PJ Ward
International Journal of Technology 2 (1), pp.37-46, 2011
Implementation of J2000 hydrological model in the western part of Java Island, Indonesia
MM Julian, M Fink, C Fischer, P Krause, WA Flügel
JMAS 1 (1), 1-25, 2013
Set up and calibration of a spatial tool for simulating latest decades' flow discharges of the western Java: Preliminary Results and Assessments
Poerbandono, PJ Ward, MM Julian
ITB Jour. Eng. Sc 41 (1), 50-64, 2009
Flood risk management in Jakarta
PJ Ward, MA Marfai, WP Pauw, R Bonte, C Elings, DR Poerbandono, ...
Deltas in Times of Climate Change International Conference 30, 2010
Spatial simulation of watershed response across Jakarta to the prevailing rainfall climate according to effective enforcement of Perpres 54/2008”
Poerbandono, PJ Ward, MM Julian, AB Harto
International Conference on Regional Development, Environment and …, 2009
Decreasing groundwater quality at Cisadane riverbanks: groundwater-surface water approach
DE Irawan, DJ Puradimaja, D Yeni, AA Kuntoro, MM Julian
arXiv preprint arXiv:1603.09380, 2016
Spatio-temporal Assessment of Climate, Land Use and Water Balance using Spatial Tools. Case Study: West of Java, Indonesia
Poerbandono, PJ Ward, K Prijatna, A Riqqi, MM Julian
Proceedings of The 10th South East Asian Survey Congress, 317-325, 2009
The Role of Precipitation, Temperature, and Land Cover in Controlling Run-off of the Northwest of Java Coastal Zones: A Climate Change Perspective
MM Julian, Poerbandono, PJ Ward
International Symposium: Effect of Climate Change on Coastal Management, 18-20, 2009
Simulation of the Latest Century’s Discharges of Major Rivers of North-western Java to the Java Sea, Indonesia
MM Julian, Poerbandono, PJ Ward
Proceedings of International Seminar on Climate Change Impacts on Water …, 2009
Revisiting Renewable Energy Map in Indonesia: Seasonal Hydro and Solar Energy Potential for Rural Off-Grid Electrification (Provincial Level)
RA Wahyuono, MM Julian
MATEC Web of Conferences 164, 01040, 2018
Spatial decision assistance of watershed sedimentation (SDAS): development and application
R Poerbandono, AB Harto, MM Julian
Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences 46 (1), 37-57, 2014
Grid-connected and off-grid solar PV system design using long-term climatological data and techno-economic analysis for ecological conservation
I Ismail, GK Putri, RH Jannah, R Hantoro, G Nugroho, RA Wahyuono, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 2088 (1), 030017, 2019
Reconstruction Of The 2007 Jakarta Flood By J2000 Hydrological Model
MM Julian
preprint INA-Rxiv, 2018
Impacts of climate and land-use changes on the hydrological dynamics in the upper Citarum River basin based on the J2000 hydrological model
MM Julian, M Fink, C Fischer, P Krause, WA Flügel
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 17, 2015
PJ Ward, EC van Ierland, Y Budiyono, P Wijayanti, S Muis, MA Marfai, ...
Spatial Decision Assistance of Watershed Sedimentation (SDAS): Development and Application
AB Harto, MM Julian
INA-Rxiv, 2014
Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools (JCAT)
PJ Ward, EC van Ierland, Y Budiyono, P Wijayanti, S Muis, MA Marfai, ...
Knowledge for Climate, 2014
Poerbandono, and Philip J Ward 2010.“
MM Julian, F Nishio
Simulation of River Discharges in Major Watersheds of Northwestern Java from, 2011
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