Hanafi Ismail
Hanafi Ismail
Professor of Polymer Engineering
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Comparison of the mechanical properties of rice husk powder filled polypropylene composites with talc filled polypropylene composites
HGB Premalal, H Ismail, A Baharin
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Thermal characterization of Al2O3 and ZnO reinforced silicone rubber as thermal pads for heat dissipation purposes
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Starch-based hydrogels: present status and applications
H Ismail, M Irani, Z Ahmad
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H Ismail
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Polymer Testing 28 (5), 548-559, 2009
Characterization of styrene butadiene rubber/recycled acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (SBR/NBRr) blends: The effects of epoxidized natural rubber (ENR-50) as a compatibilizer
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Physico-chemical characterisation of chitosan/halloysite composite membranes
RT De Silva, P Pasbakhsh, KL Goh, SP Chai, H Ismail
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Oil palm wood flour reinforced epoxidized natural rubber composites: The effect of filler content and size
H Ismail, HD Rozman, RM Jaffri, ZAM Ishak
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Effect of partial replacement of sand by recycled fine crumb rubber on the performance of hybrid rubberized-normal concrete under impact load: experiment and simulation
MM Al-Tayeb, BHA Bakar, H Ismail, HM Akil
Journal of cleaner production 59, 284-289, 2013
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