Gener Santiago Subia
Gener Santiago Subia
Wesleyan University Philippines
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Comprehensible Technique in Solving Consecutive Number Problems in Algebra
GS Subia
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics 6 (3), 447-457, 2018
High school athletes: Their motivation, study habits, self-discipline and academic performance
MG Garcia, G Subia
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Attitude and performance in mathematics I of bachelor of elementary education students: A correlational analysis
GS Subia, LG Salangsang, HB Medrano
American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and …, 2018
Think Like My Teacher (TLMT): A New Method in Assessing Millennial Learners
GS Subia
International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 3 (1), 57-61, 2018
Cognitive levels as measure of higher-order thinking skills in senior high school mathematics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduates
G Subia, M Marcos, A Valdez, L Pascual, M Liangco
Technology Reports of Kansai University 62 (3), 261-268, 2020
Chess and mathematics performance of college players: An exploratory analysis
GS Subia, JL Amaranto, JC Amaranto, JY Bustamante, IC Damaso
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Challenges encountered by the national high school teachers in doing action research
LJ Abelardo, MAA Lomboy, CC Lopez, FE Balaria, GS Subia
International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science (IJELS) 4 (4 …, 2019
Theoretical study of electro-osmotic multiphase flow of Jeffrey fluid in a divergent channel with lubricated walls
S Saleem, GS Subia, M Nazeer, F Hussain, MK Hameed
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Problem-Solving Performance and Skills of Prospective Elementary Teachers in Northern Philippines
JGD Jupeth Toriano Pentang, Edwin D Ibaņez, Gener Subia
Hunan Daxue Xuebao 48 (1), 122-132, 2021
Emergency preparedness of novo ecijanos
GS Subia, GP Mangiduyos, JBD Turgano
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Mathematical modeling and simulation of MHD electro-osmotic flow of Jeffrey fluid in convergent geometry
A Al-Zubaidi, M Nazeer, GS Subia, F Hussain, S Saleem, MM Ghafar
Waves in Random and Complex Media, 1-17, 2021
Inclinations of engineering and marketing management students to engage in online learning technology amidst the COVID–19 pandemic
JC Mina, GS Subia, PT Barlis, RC Tuliao, PM Pastorfide
Technology Reports of Kansai University, ISSN 4532198, 2020
Treasure Chess: Worthy Contributions of the Game in the Lives of Student Champions
GS Subia
The Normal Lights 14 (1), 2020
Simultaneous effects of Brownian motion and thermophoretic force on Eyring–Powell fluid through porous geometry
F Hussain, GS Subia, M Nazeer, MM Ghafar, Z Ali, A Hussain
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A 76 (7), 569-580, 2021
Fortuitous: A proposed activity-based book in mathematics of chance
G Subia
International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 9 (3), 450-453, 2020
Mathematical thinking on problem solving and self-regulation strategies of filipino primary grade pupils
L Salangsang, G Subia
International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 9 (2), 4000-4004, 2020
Learning styles and preferred teaching styles of master of arts in teaching (MAT), major in vocational technological education (VTE) generation Y learners
GS Subia, CL Trinidad, RR Pascual, HB Medrano, EP Manuzon
International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) 4 (2), 2019
Theoretical study of an unsteady ciliary hemodynamic fluid flow subject to the Newton’s boundary conditions
M Nazeer, F Hussain, F Ahmad, S Iftikhar, GS Subia
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 13 (8), 16878140211040462, 2021
Flood prevention and mitigation initiatives towards a flood-free city
EGS Subia, EJC Jocson, ENT Florencondia
American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and …, 2019
Value chain analysis of slipper industry in the footwear capital of the north
J Mina, G Subia, P Ermita
International Journal of Supply Chain Management 9 (5), 178-183, 2020
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