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Pleistocene cave art from Sulawesi, Indonesia
M Aubert, A Brumm, M Ramli, T Sutikna, EW Saptomo, B Hakim, ...
Nature 514 (7521), 223-227, 2014
New evidence for a 67,000-year-old human presence at Callao Cave, Luzon, Philippines
AS Mijares, F Détroit, P Piper, R Grün, P Bellwood, M Aubert, G Champion, ...
Journal of human evolution 59 (1), 123-132, 2010
Revised stratigraphy and chronology for Homo floresiensis at Liang Bua in Indonesia
T Sutikna, MW Tocheri, MJ Morwood, EW Saptomo, RD Awe, S Wasisto, ...
Nature 532 (7599), 366-369, 2016
An early modern human presence in Sumatra 73,000–63,000 years ago
KE Westaway, J Louys, R Awe, MJ Morwood, GJ Price, J Zhao, M Aubert, ...
Nature 548 (7667), 322-325, 2017
Palaeolithic cave art in Borneo
M Aubert, P Setiawan, AA Oktaviana, A Brumm, PH Sulistyarto, ...
Nature 564 (7735), 254-257, 2018
New radiometric ages for the Fauresmith industry from Kathu Pan, southern Africa: implications for the Earlier to Middle Stone Age transition
N Porat, M Chazan, R Grün, M Aubert, V Eisenmann, LK Horwitz
Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (2), 269-283, 2010
Earliest hunting scene in prehistoric art
M Aubert, R Lebe, AA Oktaviana, M Tang, B Burhan, A Jusdi, B Hakim, ...
Nature 576 (7787), 442-445, 2019
The chronostratigraphy of the Haua Fteah cave (Cyrenaica, northeast Libya)
K Douka, Z Jacobs, C Lane, R Grün, L Farr, C Hunt, RH Inglis, T Reynolds, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 66, 39-63, 2014
The later stone age calvaria from Iwo Eleru, Nigeria: Morphology and chronology
K Harvati, C Stringer, R Grün, M Aubert, P Allsworth-Jones, CA Folorunso
PLoS One 6 (9), e24024, 2011
A review of rock art dating in the Kimberley, Western Australia
M Aubert
Journal of Archaeological Science 39 (3), 573-577, 2012
The age of the 20 meter Solo River terrace, Java, Indonesia and the survival of Homo erectus in Asia
E Indriati, CC Swisher III, C Lepre, RL Quinn, RA Suriyanto, AT Hascaryo, ...
PloS one 6 (6), e21562, 2011
On the limits of using combined U-series/ESR method to date fossil teeth from two Early Pleistocene archaeological sites of the Orce area (Guadix-Baza basin, Spain)
M Duval, C Falgučres, JJ Bahain, R Grün, Q Shao, M Aubert, JM Dolo, ...
Quaternary Research 77 (3), 482-491, 2012
Uranium-series dating rock art in East Timor
M Aubert, S O'Connor, M McCulloch, G Mortimer, A Watchman, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 34 (6), 991-996, 2007
Determination of Am and Cm in spent nuclear fuels by isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and isotope dilution thermal ionization mass spectrometry …
F Chartier, M Aubert, M Pilier
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 364 (4), 320-327, 1999
U-series and radiocarbon analyses of human and faunal remains from Wajak, Indonesia
P Storm, R Wood, C Stringer, A Bartsiokas, J de Vos, M Aubert, L Kinsley, ...
Journal of human evolution 64 (5), 356-365, 2013
Oldest cave art found in Sulawesi
A Brumm, AA Oktaviana, B Burhan, B Hakim, R Lebe, J Zhao, ...
Science Advances 7 (3), eabd4648, 2021
High resolution analysis of uranium and thorium concentration as well as U-series isotope distributions in a Neanderthal tooth from Payre (Ardčche, France) using laser ablation …
R Grün, M Aubert, R Joannes-Boyau, MH Moncel
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (21), 5278-5290, 2008
ESR and U-series analyses of faunal material from Cuddie Springs, NSW, Australia: implications for the timing of the extinction of the Australian megafauna
R Grün, S Eggins, M Aubert, N Spooner, AWG Pike, W Müller
Quaternary Science Reviews 29 (5-6), 596-610, 2010
The IRHUM (Isotopic Reconstruction of Human Migration) database–bioavailable strontium isotope ratios for geochemical fingerprinting in France
M Willmes, L McMorrow, L Kinsley, R Armstrong, M Aubert, S Eggins, ...
Earth System Science Data 6 (1), 117-122, 2014
Improvement of laser ablation in situ micro-analysis to identify diagenetic alteration and measure strontium isotope ratios in fossil human teeth
M Willmes, L Kinsley, MH Moncel, RA Armstrong, M Aubert, S Eggins, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 70, 102-116, 2016
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