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Pro-environmental behavior from a socialcognitive theory perspective
DR Sawitri, H Hadiyanto, SP Hadi
Procedia Environmental Sciences 23, 27-33, 2015
Overcoming shear stress of microalgae cultures in sparged photobioreactors
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Hydrodynamic evaluations in high rate algae pond (HRAP) design
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Evaluation of polypropylene plastic degradation and microplastic identification in sediments at Tambak Lorok coastal area, Semarang, Indonesia
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Marine pollution bulletin 151, 110868, 2020
Comparative Study of Bioactive Substances Extracted from Fresh and Dried Spirulina sp.
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Microbial fuel cells for bioelectricity production from waste as sustainable prospect of future energy sector
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Phytoremediations of palm oil mill effluent (POME) by using aquatic plants and microalgae for biomass production
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Quality prediction of bakery products in the initial phase of process design
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Kinetic study on the effects of sugar addition on the thermal degradation of phycocyanin from Spirulina sp.
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Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approach for Selecting Solar Plants Site and Technology: A Review
R Ghasempour, MA Nazari, M Ebrahimi, MH Ahmadi, H Hadiyanto
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Spirulina platensis
H Hadiyanto, M Christwardana, MMA Nur
Application of machine learning and Box-Behnken design in optimizing engine characteristics operated with a dual-fuel mode of algal biodiesel and waste-derived biogas
P Sharma, BB Sahoo, Z Said, H Hadiyanto, XP Nguyen, S Nižetić, ...
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Response surface optimization of ultrasound assisted extraction (UAE) of phycocyanin from microalgae Spirulina platensis
H Hadiyanto
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Catalyst-based synthesis of 2, 5-dimethylfuran from carbohydrates as a sustainable biofuel production route
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Feasibility of Using Microalgae for Biocement Production through Biocementation
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Optimization of ethanol production from whey through fed-batch fermentation using Kluyveromyces marxianus
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Energy Procedia 47, 108-112, 2014
Study On Production Process Of Biodiesel From Rubber Seed (Hevea Brasiliensis) By In Situ (Trans) Esterification Method With Acid Catalyst
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The development of heterogeneous catalyst C/CaO/NaOH from waste of green mussel shell (Perna varidis) for biodiesel synthesis
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Interactions between polyethylene and polypropylene microplastics and Spirulina sp. microalgae in aquatic systems
H Hadiyanto, A Khoironi, I Dianratri, S Suherman, F Muhammad, ...
Heliyon 7 (8), 2021
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