Taufan Bramantoro
Taufan Bramantoro
Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitas Airlangga
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Osteogenic ability of combined hematopoetic stem cell, hydroxyapatite graft and platelet rich fibrin on rats (Rattus novergicus).
D Rahmawati, R Indrawati, RI Roestamadji, EM Setiawatie, A Yuliati, ...
Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (JKIMSU) 6 (4), 2017
Gastroesophageal reflux disease in an area with low Helicobacter pylori infection prevalence
M Miftahussurur, D Doohan, IA Nusi, P Adi, YAA Rezkitha, LA Waskito, ...
PloS one 13 (11), e0205644, 2018
Miswak users’ behavior model based on the theory of planned behavior in the country with the largest Muslim population
T Bramantoro, N Karimah, A Sosiawan, RD Setijanto, T Berniyanti, ...
Clinical, cosmetic and investigational dentistry 10, 141, 2018
The Correlation between Mother's Knowledge and Parenting Toward Childhood Caries in the Remote Area
LMA Pinat, D Setijanto, T Bramantoro
Journal of International Dental and Medical Research 10 (3), 905-908, 2017
The effect of peer support education on dental caries prevention behavior in school age children at age 10-11 years old
DS Romadlon, T Bramantoro, M Luthfi
Dental Journal (Majalah Kedokteran Gigi) 49 (4), 217-222, 2016
The role of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control (PBC) of mothers on teaching toothbrushing to preschool children–based on the Theory of Planned Behavior …
RD Setijanto, T Bramantoro, R Palupi, A Hanani
Family Medicine & Primary Care 22 (1), 53-57, 2019
Mother's Belief Regarding Their Children's Dental Health as a Potential Predictor of Mother's Dental Health Attitude for Early Childhood.
T Bramantoro, U Tedjosasongk, D Ismail
Journal of International Dental & Medical Research 11 (3), 2018
Cleaning Efficacy of Root Canal Irrigation with Positive and Negative Pressure System
I Widjiastuti, D Rudyanto, T Yuanita, T Bramantoro, WA Widodo
Iranian endodontic journal 13 (3), 398, 2018
Kualitas Hidup Anak Usia Dini Terkait Kesehatan Gigi
T Bramanatoro
Applying Children's Quality of Life Assessment to Promote the Reliability of Children Dental Health Services Quality.
T Bramantoro, D Ismail, U Tedjosasongko
Journal of Oral Health & Community Dentistry 10 (1), 2016
The development of early childhood caries impact on quality of life-Indonesia instrument as assessment instrument of dental caries impact on quality of life of children aged 3 …
T Bramantoro, YS Prabandari, D Ismail, U Tedjosasongko
Dental Journal (Majalah Kedokteran Gigi) 48 (4), 197-203, 2015
Tuak legen (traditional palm wine) consumption habits and severity of dental caries in Indonesia
T Berniyanti, L Diana, T Bramantoro, GRS Wening, DA Arishandy, ...
Journal of International Oral Health 11 (4), 217, 2019
WhatsApp platform as a dental and oral health online communication forum for dentist, nurse, and elementary teachers
T Berniyanti, T Bramantoro, G Rasuna, A Zamzam, AD Kusumo, ...
Journal of International Oral Health 11 (4), 213, 2019
Dental Health Behavior in Elderly based on Demographic Characteristics.
AF Mauline, T Bramantoro, R Palupi
Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 10 (4), 2019
Dental and oral health education for elderly age group: Full and partial edentulous teeth brushing method
T Berniyanti, AD Kusumo, T Bramantoro, GRS Wening, R Palupi
Journal of International Oral Health 11 (2), 104, 2019
Analysis of Calcium Levels in Groundwater and Dental Caries in the Coastal Population of an Archipelago Country
RWE Yani, R Palupi, T Bramantoro, D Setijanto
Open access Macedonian journal of medical sciences 7 (1), 134, 2019
Effect of Blood Iron Level on Prevalence of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS) in Traffic Police Officers
T Berniyanti, A Fardhani, R Palupi, T Bramantoro, D Ramadhan, ...
Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 10 (8), 1103-1108, 2019
Behavior of Mothers of Children Aged 4–6 Years in Accessing Dental and Mouth Health Information
T Bramantoro, R Palupi, O Juzika, A Ramadhani, SF Romadhoni
Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 10 (8), 1920-1924, 2019
Functional Factors on Compliance Drugs Consumption in Diabetes Melitus Patients Related to Periodontal Health
R Palupi, T Berniyanti, R Akbar, T Bramantoro, N Hariyani, A Ramadhani, ...
Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 10 (8), 1049-1053, 2019
Could the Severity of Infected Gingiva in Pregnant Woman Affect the Quality of Life?
RD Setijanto, N Setyowati, T Bramantoro, A Aghasy
Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 10 (7), 867-871, 2019
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