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The Impact of health education about diabetes mellitus on patient knowledge to control their blood sugar
AA Soep Soep
Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research 10 (3), 141-145, 2020
Polymorphism Genes Sulfonylurea Receptor-1 and potassium inwardly-rectifying Channel Subfamily J Member 11 as a risk factor for type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Ethnic of Ternate
A Muhammad AA
Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research 8 (3), 300. DOI: 10.4172/2161-0940 …, 2018
Effect of the use of warm water compresses on the decrease in pain intensity in the elderly at community area
A Wenny ino ischak, Harliani, Lilin Rosianti, Suryani manurung, Veronica pont
PalArch's Journal of Archeology of Egypt/Egyptology 18 (4), 5256, 2021
Agussalim.(2016). Risk Factors for the Incidence of Stunting in Senggi Public Health Center, Keerom, Papua 2015
ES Gutit, B Tampubolon
International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR). Vol 5, 228-242, 0
Breastfeeding techniques in breast milk dams of primipara mothers at gynecology room
A Jenita DT Donsu, Anna Veronica Pont, Herman Tandilimbong, Abd Rahman ...
Pediatric and Neonatal Medicine 1 (1), 1-5, 2021
Management Education Regarding Ethical Issues and the Role of Health Providers to Involve the Resolution at Clinical Practice
RSE Pujiastuti, A Arwani, M Marsum, A Agussalim
International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding 7 (4 …, 2020
Warm Compress reduced pain intensity of arthritis rheumatoid for elderly people; pre and post-test design study
JL Agussalim
ICHP. The first international conference on health profession 2019 (DOI 10 …, 2019
Sex behavior prevention of pre teen on marriages–tobati and enggrostribes in the city of Jayapura, Papua province, Indonesia
HV Rerey, A Nurmiaty
Int J Gynecol Reprod Sci 1 (1), 4-8, 2018
Cross–Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Cultural Self_Efficacy Scale for Papua Nurses
JD Agussalim
Clean and Healthy Living Behaviors in Makassar's Muslim Family Related to the Faith and Religion
K Muhammad Saleng, Bahruddin, Natsir M, Abidin, Agussalim, Hermansyah
Journal of Biomedical Research & Environmental Sciences 2 (9), 833-838, 2021
support of Family with self concept of lepers
A Korinus suweni, Yunita kristina, Prima Bitasari Putri
Academic Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health 1 (1), 1-2, 2021
The difference medical compliance ARV in Patients non-TB HIV and TB-HIV patients in the dots room Jayapura Public Hospital
A Yunita kristina, Korinus suweni, Imelda tiku
Open Journal of Case Reports 2 (6), 145, 2021
Tuberculosis Prevention Development Family Model Based in Indonesia
JDT Donsu, RB Adriani
Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research 10 (7), 2021
motivation of central mountain students of Papua to continue their Nursing Education
A Edison kabak, Yoel halitopo, Nuriati Sarlota Auparai, Muh. Saljan, Wibowo ...
Journal of Medical-Clinical Research & Reviews 5 (6), 1-5, 2021
Guava fruit juice red increases levels pregnant women's hemoglobin in bokin health center
agussalim ludia banne allo, herman tandilimbong, frans manangsang, jenita DT ...
Research and reviews on healthcare:open access journal 6 (3), 615-620, 2021
community service; transcultural training, excellent service, and effective communication in the context of interprofessional collaboration (IPC)
EH Agussalim, asikin M, Rumaseb E, Nasir M, Nuralamsyah M, Podding IT
Novel Research in Science 7 (5), 00673, 2021
Explanation level of knowledge about menstruation with anxiety levels facing menarche
AA Asikin M, Podding IT
Journal of Community Medicine and Health Research 1 (3), 2021
factors related to the motivation of the work of the implementing nurse in the hospital
A soep, Palulungan KK, Tajmiati A, Limbong T, Nurjaya, Bahruddin
Journal of Healthcare and Nursing Research 3 (1), 116, 2021
Red guava juice increased hemoglobin levels of pregnant women; A study case in Public Health Center
A Rerey HV, Aji R, Gentingdatu S, Veronica Pont AV, Rahman ABD
Annals of medical & surgical case reports 3 (1), 100093, 2021
effect of warm water soaking feet using aromatherapy lavender to the elderly sleeping quality
A aji R, Ischak WF, Dewi STR, Rumaseb E, Pont AV
International Journal of Open Medicine and Surgery 2 (1), 20, 2021
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