Deepak Pratap Singh
Deepak Pratap Singh
MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology
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Dynamic solubility limits in nanosized olivine LiFePO4
M Wagemaker, DP Singh, WJH Borghols, U Lafont, L Haverkate, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (26), 10222-10228, 2011
Rate-Induced Solubility and Suppression of the First-Order Phase Transition in Olivine LiFePO4
X Zhang, M van Hulzen, DP Singh, A Brownrigg, JP Wright, NH van Dijk, ...
Nano letters 14 (5), 2279-2285, 2014
Direct view on the phase evolution in individual LiFePO 4 nanoparticles during Li-ion battery cycling
X Zhang, M Van Hulzen, DP Singh, A Brownrigg, JP Wright, NH Van Dijk, ...
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Direct synthesis of nanocrystalline Li 0.90 FePO 4: observation of phase segregation of anti-site defects on delithiation
SP Badi, M Wagemaker, BL Ellis, DP Singh, WJH Borghols, WH Kan, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (27), 10085-10093, 2011
Facile Micro Templating LiFePO4 Electrodes for High Performance Li‐Ion Batteries
DP Singh, FM Mulder, AM Abdelkader, M Wagemaker
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (5), 572-578, 2013
Nanostructured TiO2 Anatase Micropatterned Three-Dimensional Electrodes for High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries
DP Singh, A George, RV Kumar, JE ten Elshof, M Wagemaker
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (39), 19809-19815, 2013
Relating the 3D electrode morphology to Li-ion battery performance; a case for LiFePO4
Z Liu, TW Verhallen, DP Singh, H Wang, M Wagemaker, S Barnett
Journal of Power Sources 324, 358-367, 2016
Templated spinel Li4Ti5O12 Li-ion battery electrodes combining high rates with high energy density
DP Singh, FM Mulder, M Wagemaker
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Combustion synthesis of PbO from lead carboxylate precursors relevant to developing a new method for recovering components from spent lead–acid batteries
J Yang, RV Kumar, DP Singh
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 87 (10), 1480-1488, 2012
3D Networks of Carbon-Coated Magnesium-Doped Olivine Nanofiber as Binder-Free Cathodes for High-Performance Li-Ion Battery
LD D Ma, P Zhang, Y Li, A. M. Abdelkader, Deepak P. Singh, X Ren
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2016
3-D vertically aligned few layer graphene–partially reduced graphene oxide/sulfur electrodes for high performance lithium–sulfur batteries
DP Singh, N Soin, S Sharma, S Basak, S Sachdeva, SS Roy, ...
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 1 (7), 1516-1523, 2017
Enhanced Lithium Transport by Control of Crystal Orientation in Spinel LiMn2O4 Thin Film Cathodes
MH Ron Hendriks, Daniel Monteiro Cunha, Deepak Pratap Singh
ACS Applied Energy Materials 1 (12), 7046–7051, 2018
Mulder FM and Nazar LF
AP Badi, M Wagemaker, BL Ellis, DP Singh, WJH Borghols, WH Kan, ...
J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21, 2011
Doubling Reversible Capacities in Epitaxial Li4Ti5O12 Thin Film Anodes for Microbatteries
DM Cunha, TA Hendriks, A Vasileiadis, CM Vos, T Verhallen, DP Singh, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (5), 3410-3418, 2019
Three-Phase 3D Reconstruction of Li-Ion Batteries Electrodes Via FIB-SEM Tomography
SAB Z. Liu, H. Wang, D. P. Singh, M. Wagemaker, K. T. Faber
227th ECS Meeting . May 24-28. Chicago, 2015
Morphology Evolution during Lithium-Based Vertically Aligned Nanocomposite Growth
DM Cunha, CM Vos, TA Hendriks, DP Singh, M Huijben
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (47), 44444-44450, 2019
Perpetual Battery Cycling for Epitaxial LiMn2O4 Thin Film Cathodes
TA Hendriks, DM Cunha, DP Singh
19th International Meeting on Lithium-Ion Batteries 2018, 2018
Tuning Crystal Orientation in Layered Oxide Thin Films for High Performance Li-ion Battery
DP Singha, TA Hendriks, DM Cunha, M Huijben
19th International Meeting on Lithium-Ion Batteries 2018, 2018
Nanoscale mapping of electrochemistry for enhanced solid state batteries
DM Cunha, TA Hendriks, CM Vos, DP Singh, M Huijben
MESA+ Meeting 2017, 2017
Electrochemical properties of LiMn2O4 thin-films for solid-state batteries
TA Hendriks, D Monteiro Cunha, DP Singh, M Huijben
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