Dr. Ratna Mulyany, B.Ac (Hons), MSAcc
Dr. Ratna Mulyany, B.Ac (Hons), MSAcc
Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics & Business, Syiah Kuala University
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Islamic banking and economic growth: Empirical evidence from Malaysia.
H Furqani, R Mulyany
Journal of Economic Cooperation & Development 30 (2), 2009
Zakat for economic empowerment (analyzing the models, strategy and implications of zakat productive program in Baitul Mal Aceh and Baznas Indonesia)
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Analisis Perkembangan Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah Sebelum Dan Sesudah Menerima Pembiayaan Syariah (Studi Pada Pt. Bprs Hikmah Wakilah Banda Aceh)
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R Mulyany
International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia, 2008
Efficiency of Conventional Banks and Islamic Windows in Indonesia: A Comparative Analysis
R Mulyany, M Indriani, H Fahlevi, SZ Maidari
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What is the role of accounting in disaster recovery and relief? A literature review
H Fahlevi, M Indriani, R Mulyany
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R Mulyany, M Indriani, I Indayani
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Shari’ah Audit for Islamic Financial Institution (IFIs): Perception of Accounting Academicians, Audit Practitioners and Shari’ah Scholars in Malaysia
R Mulyany, SHM Ibrahim
10th Asian Academic Accounting Association Annual Conference, Istanbul …, 2009
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Proceedings Aceh Global Conference-Business, Economics, and Sustainable …, 2020
A Longitudinal Study on Determinants of Intellectual Capital Disclosure in Indonesian Prosectuses
Z Zuraida, R Mulyany
European Conference on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital, 351-XIV, 2019
Some Notes on IFRS convergence and the Islamic financial industry
R Mulyany
Jurnal Akuntansi Indonesia 7 (1), 1-14, 2018
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H Furqani, M Laldin, R Mulyany
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Shariah Audit for Islamic Financial Institutions: Perceptions of Accounting Academicians, Audit Practitioners and Shariah Scholars
S Hameed, R Mulyani
This research won the Third Malaysian Outstanding Research Paper Award, 2009
Sustainability Reporting by Sharia-Compliant Companies in Asia Pacific: Do Profitability and Corporate Governance Attributes Matter?
ZR Farhan, R Mulyany
2021 International Conference on Sustainable Islamic Business and Finance …, 2021
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