Azhari Muhammad Syam
Azhari Muhammad Syam
Universitas Malikussaleh
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Application of response surface methodology (RSM) for optimizing the palm-based pentaerythritol ester synthesis
NAM Aziz, R Yunus, U Rashid, AM Syam
Industrial Crops and Products 62, 305-312, 2014
Methanolysis of Jatropha oil in the presence of potassium hydroxide catalyst
AM Syam, R Yunus, TIM Ghazi, TCS Yaw
Journal of applied sciences 9 (17), 3161-3165, 2009
Synthesis of Jatropha curcas oil-based biodiesel in a pulsed loop reactor
AM Syam, R Yunus, TIM Ghazi, TSY Choong
Industrial crops and products 37 (1), 514-519, 2012
Transesterification Reaction for Synthesis of Palmbased Ethylhexyl Ester and Formulation as Base Oil for Synthetic Drilling Fluid
NSHA Habib, R Yunus, U Rashid, YH Taufiq-Yap, ZZ Abidin, AM Syam, ...
Journal of oleo science, ess13220, 2014
Synthesis of high oleic palm oil-based trimethylolpropane esters in a vacuum operated pulsed loop reactor
HA Hamid, R Yunus, U Rashid, TSY Choong, S Ali, AM Syam
Fuel 166, 560-566, 2016
Palm oil derived trimethylolpropane triesters synthetic lubricants and usage in industrial metalworking fluid
TS Chang, R Yunus, U Rashid, TSY Choong, DRA Biak, AM Syam
Journal of oleo science 64 (2), 143-151, 2015
Waste frying oils-based biodiesel: Process and fuel properties
AM Syam, L Maulinda, I Ibrahim, S Muhammad
Scientific Research Publishing, 2013
Synthesis of Jatropha curcas-based methyl ester and ethyl ester as biodiesel feedstocks
AM Syam, R Yunus, TIM Ghazi, TCS Yaw
Pertanika J Sci Technol 20, 165-173, 2012
Synthesis of palm-based ethylhexyl ester as a synthetic base oil for drilling fluids using chemical transesterification
N Habib, R Yunus, U Rashid, YH Taufiq-Yap, ZZ Abidin, AM Syam
Grasas y aceites 65 (1), 005, 2014
Kinetics of the transesterification of Jatropha curcas triglyceride with an alcohol in the presence of an alkaline catalyst
R Yunus, AM Syam
International Journal of Sustainable Energy 30 (sup2), S175-S183, 2011
Kinetics of transesterification of Jatropha curcas-based triglycerides with an alcohol in the presence of alkaline catalyst
R Yunus, AM Syam
2010 1st International Nuclear & Renewable Energy Conference (INREC), 1-4, 2010
Momordica Charantia Seed Oil Methyl Esters: A Kinetic Study And Fuel Properties
U Rashid, J Ahmad, R Yunus, M Ibrahim, H Masood, AM Syam
International journal of green energy 11 (7), 727-740, 2014
Conversion of Oleum papaveris seminis oil into methyl esters via esterification process: Optimization and kinetic study
AM Syam, U Rashid, R Yunus, HA Hamid, SI Al-Resayes, IA Nehdi, ...
Grasas y Aceites 67 (1), 115, 2016
Synthesis Study of High Oleic Palm Oil-based Trimethylolpropane Triesters: Response Surface Methodology Based Optimization
H Abd Hamid, R Yunus, U Rashid, TSY Choong, S Ali, AM Syam
CHIANG MAI JOURNAL OF SCIENCE 45 (2), 984-996, 2018
Dynamic modeling of reversible methanolysis of Jatropha curcas oil to biodiesel
AM Syam, HA Hamid, R Yunus, U Rashid
The Scientific World Journal 2013, 2013
Methanolysis of Mixed Crop Oils (Hevea brasiliensis and Jatropha curcas L.) into Biodiesel: Kinetics Study
AM Syam, L Maulinda, F Haspita
Smart Grid and Renewable Energy 8 (12), 440-448, 2017
Biofuels (alcohols and biodiesel) applications as fuels for internal combustion engines.
TK Kannan, R Marappan, SM Son, K Kusakabe, G Guan, WNN Wan Omar, ...
Journal of Applied Sciences 11 (16), 3191-3198, 2010
Compendium of Chemical Technology (the Gold Book).
OH Henry, H Affendy, M Aminuddin, A Arifin, M Mandy, K Julius, AT Tamer, ...
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Out of Africa: Could Jatropha vegetable oil be Europe's biodiesel feedstock?
A Yahya, K Hamdan, TA Ishola, H Suryanto, WMJ Achten, L Verchot, ...
Journal of Applied Sciences 13 (7), 1063-1084, 2008
Dynamics of rural development.
AH Lenin, N Azhagesan, CRBS Rex, K Thyagarajan, AK Agarwal, R Altin, ...
Asian Journal of Scientific Research 5 (3), 233-271, 2007
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