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Total synthesis of bryostatin 2
DA Evans, PH Carter, EM Carreira, AB Charette, JA Prunet, M Lautens
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DA Evans, JA Gauchet-Prunet
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J Prunet
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Asymmetric synthesis of bryostatin 2
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Synthesis of 1, 3-diol synthons from epoxy aromatic precursors: an approach to the construction of polyacetate-derived natural products
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J Prunet
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Enyne versus diene RCM in the synthesis of cyclopentene derivatives toward the A ring of FR182877
JA Funel, J Prunet
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J Prunet
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Asymmetrische Synthese von Bryostatin 2
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Ring‐Closing Metathesis in the Synthesis of BC Ring‐Systems of Taxol
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Diastereoselective Synthesis of Protected syn 1,3-Diols:  Preparation of the C16−C24 Portion of Dolabelides
L Grimaud, R de Mesmay, J Prunet
Organic Letters 4 (3), 419-421, 2002
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