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Permeability, strength and filtration performance for uncoated and titania-coated clay wastewater filters
S Masturi, MP Aji, E Sustini, MA Khairurrijal
American Journal of Environmental Sciences 8 (2), 79-94, 2012
TiO2 Nanoparticles-coated polypropylene copolymer as photocatalyst on methylene blue photodegradation under solar exposure
H Aliah, MP Aji, E Sustini, M Budiman, M Abdullah
American Journal of Environmental Sciences 8 (3), 280, 2012
New design of potentially low-cost solar cells using TiO2/graphite composite as photon absorber
DY Rahman, M Rokhmat, E Yuliza, E Sustini, M Abdullah
International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering 7 (3), 289-296, 2016
A novel system for producing photocatalytic titanium dioxide‐coated fibers for decomposing organic pollutants in water
VA Isnaeni, O Arutanti, E Sustini, H Aliah, M Abdullah
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 32 (1), 42-51, 2013
Influence of Al doping on the crystal structure, optical properties, and photodetecting performance of ZnO film
N Azizah, S Muhammady, MAK Purbayanto, E Nurfani, T Winata, E Sustini, ...
Progress in Natural Science: Materials International 30 (1), 28-34, 2020
Immobilization of TiO2 on transparent plastic and its application in photocatalytic wastewater treatment
FD Utami, DY Rahman, E Sustini, M Abdullah
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1171 (1), 012030, 2019
Tuning the point-defect evolution, optical transitions, and absorption edge of zinc oxide film by thermal exposure during molecular beam epitaxy growth
Y Darma, S Muhammady, YN Hendri, E Sustini, R Widita, K Takase
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 93, 50-58, 2019
Sifat Optik Lapisan Tipis In2O3 yang Ditumbuhkan dengan Metode MOCVD
H Saragih, H Aliah, E Sustini, AM Hutapea
Jurnal Matematika & Sains 15 (2), 85-92, 2010
Development of Nata de Coco-based transparent air masks
HD Rahmayanti, N Amalia, YC Dewi, E Sustini, M Abdullah
Materials Research Express 5 (5), 054004, 2018
Pelapisan Partikel TiO2 pada Polimer Polipropilena dan Aplikasinya sebagai Reusable Photocatalyst
H Aliah, A Sawitri, MP Aji, A Setiawan, E Sustini, M Budiman, M Abdullah
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Material Fisika, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, 2012
Khairurrijal and M. Abdullah
S Masturi, MP Aji, E Sustini
Am. J. Environ. Sci 8, 79, 2012
Khairurrijal and M. Abdullah
VA Isnaeni, O Arutanti, E Sustini, H Aliah
Environ. Prog. Sustain. Energy 1 (1), 2011
Curling evolution of suspended threads replicates 2D self-avoiding walk phenomena and 1D crystallization process
HD Rahmayanti, R Munir, E Sustini, M Abdullah
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2019 (1), 013401, 2019
Band gap calculations of bilayer graphene and bilayer armchair graphene nanoribbon
E Sustini, FA Noor, R Syariati
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 367 (1), 012013, 2018
Molecular dynamics simulation of smaller granular particles deposition on a larger one due to velocity sequence dependent electrical charge distribution
E Sustini, SN Khotimah, F Iskandar, S Viridi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1415 (1), 209-213, 2011
Effect of Silica Nanoparticles on Compressive Strength of Leaves‐Waste Composite
Masturi, H Aliah, MP Aji, AA Sagita, M Bukit, E Sustini, Khairurrijal, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1415 (1), 90-93, 2011
The effects of insulator thickness and substrate doping density on the performance of ZnO/SiO2/n-Si solar cells
FA Noor, F Oktasendra, E Sustini, K Khairurrijal
Materials Technology 33 (14), 865-871, 2018
Giant Magnetoresistance in FeMn/NiCoFe/Cu/NiCoFe Spin Valve Prepared by Opposed Target Magnetron Sputtering
E Sustini, N Rauf, M Djamal
Advanced Materials Research 979, 85-89, 2014
High strength lightweight nanocomposite from domestic solid waste
Masturi, AP Swardhani, E Sustini, M Bukit, Mora, Khairurrijal, M Abdullah
AIP Conference Proceedings 1284 (1), 59-63, 2010
Highly easy and low cost fabrication of graphite-based flexible transparent conducting film
DY Rahman, FD Utami, DO Margaretta, E Sustini, M Abdullah
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1204 (1), 012084, 2019
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